It is time to have some virtual fun again, joining my dear Australian friend Celia in her series “In My Kitchen“.  Every month she publishes a post showing what is going on in her place, and many food bloggers do the same.  I wish I could play more often, but better sometimes than never, right?  So, let me invite you for a little peek into our home…

In our kitchen…
glasses1A collection of glass containers of several sizes and shapes, to bring some sense of peace and beauty to our pantry…

Here they are, fulfilling their purpose…

In our kitchen….
AndorinhaA bottle of Portuguese olive oil I am very fond of… must be my background? Vovó Florinda (my late Grandma) would be happy to see it, I am sure.   It is fruity, with a very intense flavor. I use it sparingly, and savor each drop.  Excellent on thick slices of juicy tomatoes.

In our kitchen…
SaffronTeaTwo delicious teas I recently found.  Have I mentioned I am crazy for saffron? The saffron flavor is not too strong, just right.  Not sure which one is my favorite, sometimes I am happy, sometimes more mellow…

In our kitchen…
tequilaBottle2A very special bottle of tequila (Anejo). Phil is turning into a serious tequila connoisseur, so I decided to give him a product recommended by the one and only Marcela Valladolid.  According to him (and a few guests who tried shots) it is very smooth and complex.

In our kitchen…
mustardA special mustard I found at a farmer’s market in town, cilantro-jalapeno flavored. Sounded too good to resist… 😉

In our kitchen…
photo(20)The most beautiful fresh dill I’ve ever had! A gift from a colleague at KSU, he harvested it just half an hour earlier.  Per his advice, the best way to preserve it is not by drying, but freezing.  So now I am a proud owner of frozen dill, ready to use.

In our kitchen….
IMG_2126Buck, hoping that the Law of Gravity will act on slices of sourdough bread a little too far from his paws.

And finally, in our kitchen….  (click to enlarge)

That’s all for now, folks!   😉

If you have a blog and want to participate of the IMK series, write a post and link to Celia’s blog. Easy as pie!

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“Don’t worry, Buck, she’ll get over it.  Remember when I tried to run in the house with that big dead rat in my mouth?  … The  hysterical screaming,     …the door banging in my face?  We had to stay outside forever, until Dad came home and calmed her down.  Unfortunately, he got my rat away from me, but at least Mom stopped acting silly.”

derolicts2 “Anyway, I told you that dropping the dead possum next to the grill when she was cooking the steak was not a good move. You should have listened to me, but now it’s too late.  OK, she could have cooked it, but apparently she doesn’t like possum.   “Now, we’ll be here for a while, I’m afraid.”

“I guess it doesn’t  matter that the damn possum was playin’ possum and then walked away …”

Never a dull moment, folks.  Never a dull moment.  And I wonder why my hair gets a little more gray each day. 😉


A couple of weeks ago we bought a small dog bed for Buck, as he loves to lay near the kitchen island, having learned that pieces of tasty stuff miraculously rain from above around that neighborhood.  But the bed got intense competition from Oscar, who doesn’t quite “get” that the bed is not big enough for him.

So, we did the only sensible thing to do:  bought a bigger bed for Oscar, and placed it next to Buck’s bed.  Problem solved.  Or…. was it really?

And what about Chief?  Well, he’s got his own ideas about getting comfy….