We are taking a tip to Big Sur, a few hours North of Los Angeles, staying in a place without TV or internet connections for a few days.   Sometimes it is nice to be away from everything, especially if we can be rewarded with views such as this…

May the year ahead be everything you hope it to be!

ONE YEAR AGO: Sunflower Seed Rye

7 thoughts on “NATURAL BEAUTY

  1. Ooohhh, I have been to that very beach and climbed up to sit on that big rock! Hope you are having a great trip, such a beautiful spot.


  2. Thanks, everyone!

    We are now back in “civilization”, in the sense that I have net connections, but we’re still on the road. Life should be back to normal this weekend… and by “back to normal” I mean “cooking” , and blogging about it! 😉


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