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In our kitchen…

We’ve been enjoying strawberries on a regular basis, just straight as fruit with yogurt, or in sorbets made by the resident Sorbet Maker Extraordinaire, aka The Husband.

In our kitchen…

This is my current favorite brand of espresso powder, strong, powerful, intense. Great in cookies, brownies, anything joining coffee with chocolate, that match made in heaven.

In our kitchen…

Pomegranate molasses. I’ve tried many brands and settled on this one. It has the viscosity I like, some are so thick you need supernatural powers to remove it from the bottle.

In our kitchen…

Let the baking gadgets roll!

A special set of brushes, including some super thin. They come in handy to paint details in cookies with gel dye or luster powder diluted in alcohol.

In our kitchen…

Dinosaur cookie cutters with an optional insert to make a design. These got a little dusting with cocoa powder right before baking, no icing, super simple. But I like the effect. Cannot take credit for the idea, it was shared by Marlyn in her IG page.

In our kitchen…

A set of food-safe pens, they have two sides, one very thin, one thicker. I love their colors and the way they handle. They were used to make the cookies below:

In our kitchen…

A wooden stamp and my first set of cookies made with it… Etsy is a great spot to find this type of stamps, and they work well with many kinds of cookie dough. Strawberry Glazed Brown Sugar Cookie recipe found here.

In our kitchen…

A heat gun and special shrink-wrap plastic bags. I am not happy with the heat gun, so I won’t include a link to it. It shuts down after sealing just 4 or 5 bags, which is annoying. I need to get a better one. But I am totally in love with this method to pack cookies, they stay perfect for days, and look quite nice in their little shinny nest.

In our kitchen…

A new springerle type mold. I have not used it yet, but I am not done with my obsessive bee-phase. I cannot wait to try it. Stay tuned!

In our kitchen…

A few new silicone molds, all from They can be used for fondant or modeling chocolate, and some are easier to handle than others. Here is my first set of cookies with two of them.

In our kitchen…

A new tea cup… how could I resist it? Dots and bling! Here it is with some of my favorite tea of all times, Rose Mint from Bigelow….

Not exactly in our kitchen….

Our raised bed made by Phil, and the two guardians of the plants. Amazing the progress in 6 weeks! We’ve enjoyed the most delicious lettuce ever coming from our garden… All credit goes to the husband, I don’t get close to the plants so they have a chance to thrive.

Speaking of credit to the husband…

Last Summer he built this outside patio (featured exactly one year ago in IMK) and we now enjoy dining outside when the weather is just right for it. The dogs are not able to visit the upper part of our backyard, so when we are dining, they can be in the lower part, but usually will climb the steps, for a stare and whine game.

Playing favorites again, aren’t we? Why are the two lesser dogs showing up whereas you ignore me?

Not ignoring you, and to prove it, let’s start the canine grievances with the Resident Mutt. Oscar has been through some trying times lately. For starters, he was offered strawberries, a capital offense in his book.

To add insult to injury, he had to face that dreadful Summer Shave…

But the real killer was a trip to the vet for a small intervention that was not pleasant and put our trooper in bad shape for a few days. We are happy to inform that he is fully recovered now. However, his humans got a bit of a lecture from the vet because apparently His Highness is overweight. He’s been on a diet and we can see positive effects already.

His older brother is getting the same treatment, also with clear improvement…

Hi! My name is Buck and I disapprove of this message.

I say NO to diet! YES to bread!

And if I cannot have bread, I will find stuff around and complement my diet on my own…

And now, let’s check on our Black-Dotted Capeless Hero, aka Bogey Quit That…

I am waiting for my Human to play with me…

But he seems to be gone, and I am here waiting… and waiting…

I guess I’ll have to settle for his shoes for now…
(This picture makes me melt. There, I confessed it)

Because they are such good boys (cough, cough), I decided to cookie them…

Buck was pleased, as he believes he is the most elegant cookie model!

I would have to dispute the statement. The photo below was taken exactly 20 minutes after his bath, explaining part of the abundant gray hair on my head.

BogeyQT also sees things differently. He realizes he is the only one who gets not just one cookie, but two. And a tea cup to boot!

So what does Oscar think about that?

Cookies? Who cares about cookies or tea cups?
The fool still pees like a girl!

Fool? Who, me? You are obviously jealous of my black-spotted nature…

I float way above it all, and march to the beat of my own drum…

That’s all for now, friends! We are tired of being in the spotlight, and wish you all a nice Summer!

My little forever-puppy-Bucky-Boy turns 14 today! He is dreaming of yet another year of bliss around the Bewitching Kitchen, and I just want his dream to come true…


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30 thoughts on “IN MY KITCHEN, JULY 2021

  1. Everything looks gorgeous and that pic of dog waiting for master on the boots made me tear up. How much love do our doggies have for us? I’m seeing more kitchen stuff creeping back into my house again. It worries me lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Actually my favourite part of this post is your photo of that gorgeous outside eating area – Oh I do wish I was there to pull up a chair . . . . and love the harlequin cookies . . . and seeing Maureen commenting . . . and there are quite a few of ;my’ four-legged for which a huge thanks ! In a slightly frustrated and ‘sombre’ mood for his photo opportunities it seems: yes, I love the one with the shoes also . . . . hugs and best . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    • we adore that outside area – independent of dining there, almost every night we enjoy our evening tea outside – it is a nice routine – right now it is firefly time, so by the time we are done with tea the fireflies are in full showtime… it is gorgeous, very peaceful

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Straight to the dogs as usual! (I’m afraid I only make boring old chewy type cookies.)
    Very touching pic with the shoes. My little fellow cannot be trusted anywhere near a shoe – he runs off with them and buries them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • he he he… I don’t blame you – they are far more popular than the blogger who writes you! 😉 how cute that he buries the shoes… (well, cute because it’s not my shoes, of course…. )

      thank you for stopping by!


  4. so many wonderful things sally including the gorgeous doggies! love the flowers at the top. I made my own pomegranate molasses a while ago. so wonderfully thick and rich. and you have so many fab biscuits/cookies. So artistic so clever. That wooden stamp and the beautiful biscuits – ah lovely… but that bee mould has me in raptures. yep the dotty tea cup is a winner too. i love dots and spots!:-) your deck looks fantastic. everything is lovely! thanks for being part of IMK. cheers

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The ‘puppies’ are too cute! And the patio looks so inviting. I am about to start playing around with cake painting so I will go and get some brushes – yours look so comfortable which is essential imo. And I love the Dinosaur cookie cutters and the hack, so that will also go on my list 🙂


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