Staying safe in Corona virus time: read the guest blog post by Phillip Klebba here. A video summarizing important tips can be found here

It is time to invite you all for a walk around our kitchen. In My Kitchen posts started many years ago with Celia and is now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I like to start this type of post with gifts, and there are quite a few to share (including the orchid from the picture, a gift from our good friends Lorne and Wasu, the last people we had over at our home before social isolation).

And now to the many gifts that landed in my kitchen in the past three months

From our dear friends from California, Marie Louise and Rocky, dried persimmon slices from a farmers market they visit weekly. These are just amazing, soft, sweet but not overly so. We loved them… diced and served with yogurt and some cereal or even to nibble before going to bed with a cup of tea. Delicious

From my friend Nancy, a fantastic patissier from Canada, a double gift: a pyramid-shaped silicone mold and a miracle-cloth that does wonders to clean countertops. She knows me well… The mold is so cool, I envision plenty of desserts using it.


From my friend Margie, who also coached me when I made Springerlee cookies for the first time (still need to blog about that!), these gorgeous wooden molds, carefully crafted. Aren’t they works of art?  I can tell you one thing, I won’t be waiting for the holiday season to bake a batch.

From Phil, the Ebay Scavenger Extraordinaire, two plates from Anthropologie, which I believe have my name all over them…  He always surprises me with the coolest stuff.

From Carlos, my tent-baker friend… a gorgeous Bundt pan. Carlos recently moved and decided to reduce his number of baking gadgets, so I gladly took this beauty out of his hands. I love the design, and already have one particular cake in my mind to put this baby to use.  Thank you, Carlos!

Now, let me go over a few things that you might enjoy and were recent acquisitions to the Bewitching Kitchen

In our kitchen…

A little cookie cutter set with a bit of an unusual shape, I have a specific bake in mind for them, but it will have to wait until this coronavirus nightmare passes by.

In our kitchen…

A herb-stripper. At first I was not sure if I would like it and use it, but I tell you, it’s pretty amazing, particularly for thyme, but also works very well for parsley. You just get the proper opening size and run them through. Leaves get nicely removed, and you are left with the stem to discard, compost or save to use in stocks.

In our kitchen…

Pistachio butter. This stuff is very very good. I know I can make my own, and have done so for bakes in the past, but this saves a lot of extra work and it’s by far the best I’ve tasted of all commercial products I tried.

In our kitchen…

Speaking of pistachios… I show you one typical lunch from the man I married. He calls it a gourmet toast. I call it the reason why I need to buy pistachio paste, because no matter how many bags of pistachios I buy, they are always almost empty when I need them (sigh).

In our kitchen…

I put Nancy’s gift to use, in a very simple way, just tempered white chocolate, dyed it pink and poured into the mold, which I painted with gold luster dust.  Instead of a complicated filling, I just mixed slightly warmed up Nutella with some sprinkles and added a tiny amount to each cavity. Of course this was not a real bonbon, the chocolate shell is very thick, it was more like a bar of chocolate with filling, but I must say it turned out very delicious.

In our kitchen…

Virginia Gourmet peanuts… My gosh, these are amazing!  Phil found them at Marshalls, and he immediately went back to the store and bought one more can (they are huge). They are the best peanuts ever.  Not sure what they mean by “hand cooked”, but whatever they did, I embrace it.

In our kitchen…

or should I say in our basement?

A lot of organization took place. We have the same metal shelves in our lab, they are sturdy and neat. I got a lot of plastic containers to store stuff and also made a complete inventory of what we have. Feels good.

I have now lists of baking gadgets, baking ingredients, silicone molds in a document in the computer. Oddly enough, it all started before the coronavirus hit.

In our kitchen…

We win some, we lose some. I fell in love with this teacup and bought it. Yes, it looks beautiful, and it does work wonders to brew using loose tea. However, the design makes it pretty obvious why classic tea cups have…. handles!  It is simply impossible to hold the cup because it gets unbearably hot. So it’s frustrating that if I use it to brew tea, I then need to pour the tea into a proper tea cup so I can sip it. No bueno.

In our kitchen…

On the subject of tea, this White Ambrosia a recent passion of mine. I learned about it not too long ago in a magazine called Tea Time, and ordered some to try. I love it, and intend to use it in baking in the near future.

In our kitchen…

We made Fiori di Sicilia flavored sugar cookies for our grand daughter’s 5th Bday… and included a few that depicted some of the pups… BogeyQuitThat, Buck and Fendi (one of their pups).

In our kitchen…

Polycarbonate chocolate molds. As  we face isolation, one of the things I decided was to learn a new skill, and making bonbons seemed like a good idea. I will share my adventures with you soon.

This pandemic is turning everyone’s life upside down. We are all scared and with good reason. Staying at home is what we can and must do to contain the spread of this nasty virus. Home we are, and some furry friends seem quite ok with this Sunday-Day that never ends. Let’s see what they’ve been up to….

The year started with the celebration of BogeyQT™ 11th Bday. He got special goodies and a festive hat, which we think complemented well his elegantly black spotted handsomeness…

As we were admiring the photos and deciding which one should be kept to share with his huge crowd of fans (I know nobody reads this piece because of my chocolate molds), Oscar had different ideas.

So you got a sissy hat for the Big Annoying One. Pitiful. Here, get a load of my displeasure with it. First I stole it, then I dealt with it properly. And since we are talking about annoying situations…. me and brother have another grievance to share with OUR readers…

FAKE NEWS!!!! These accusations have no basis in reality. I do love sushi and may or may not have inhaled a couple of pieces, but prefer concoctions with a higher amount of sugar, like freshly baked banana bread.

We have to admit that this big boy enjoys food. Any food. His tombstone could read: “He died doing what he loved most, wolfing down a bowl of chow”

Both Oscar and Buck think they got a lot more class and beauty….

Although we all know some sides of Osky’s persona that leave a lot to be desired as far as beauty is concerned….

That is his personal favorite position to sleep, just looking at him my neck hurts.

The pups have a final message for all of you….

And above all…

This too shall pass…. 

I hope to see you in 3 months for another In My Kitchen tour. I hope the world will be a better place then. I hope nights in which I wake up afraid of dying will be fewer and fewer. I hope we don’t lose loved ones. I hope you don’t either. I hope. I will always hope for the light in the end of the tunnel.  Until then, be vigilant. Be safe. Stay home.

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It is time to invite you all for a walk around our kitchen. In My Kitchen posts started many years ago with Celia and is now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings.   As you now know, I lied to you in my last IMK post. I did not have a professional trip to the UK, my trip was to take part of one of the greatest adventures of my life. If you read my blog regularly, you know that I like to start this type of post with gifts. And I would have to list here the cards, the messages, posts, the support, the love, that I’ve received from so many people (most never met me in real life) ever since the show aired last month. You know who you are, and I say thank you so much!

And now to the many gifts that landed in my kitchen in the past three months

From our dear friends Virginia and Karl, the coolest bowl in the universe, colorful the way I love!

From Phil, one more coffee cup for our collection, again… color, color, color!

From Vy, a former graduate student from our Oklahoma days…   a set of measuring spoons… do you see a pattern? My friends all know of my passion for colorful things….

From Ines, a former graduate student and forever friend who lives in New York, a kitchen cloth with the map of her city. She knows I am the most orientation-challenged person in the planet. That goes in my luggage on my next trip to New York.

From my niece Raquel, a shirt sent all the way from Brazil… I have no words. It is just perfect…. do you notice COLORS?

From our dear friend Peying, a gift for the pups, special dog treats that they adored. Made in our town by a baker who is actually the girlfriend of one of our faculty members. Small world. The pups love them!

From the moderators of a Facebook group “Great British Bake Off Fans”, I got a series of gifts for bread baking, that included this unique triangular banetton, a baguette couche, lame for scoring bread. It turns out they have a contest every month and I won the month of October with a certain Halloween cake.  I was still dealing (in secret) with the sadness of my sub-par performance in the tent, and getting the best bake of the month in that very group (when no one even imagined I was a contestant in the American show), was pretty nice. I think in many ways it started my recovery from serving a tornado-hit house to Paul and Sherry… 

From Christine, a dear virtual friend from the UK…. I never got Star Baker in the tent, but this spoon will be with me 4ever… thank you, Christine, such a sweet gesture! And she included a beautiful card with drawings of the 12 days of Christmas. Just adorable…

From Steven, a virtual friend of more than 20 years… he got together with a bunch of other virtual and “real life” friends and sent me this adorable little witch. I had flirted with her online but decided against buying it.  I almost passed out when I opened the box. Her name is Philomena, and she is my twin.  I intend to dress like her in our next Halloween party.

From Sophie, at Love Productions UK, a printout of my headshot from the Great American Baking Show… will save that forever, and how it does make me look forward to getting my braces off for good!  (end of Summer, that’s what I heard…)

From Phil, a Christmas gift that took my breath away….  A small chocolate tempering machine, that works with up to 1 pound of chocolate. Perfect! I put it to use the following day, of course, making my beloved husband a Birthday cake that turned out really nice (stay tuned).

And now, let’s move on with the Bewitching Kitchen tour…

In our kitchen…

Some goodies from a special grocery store in New York, called Kalustyan’s.  I’ve always dreamed of going there, and finally paid them a visit with Courtnie, my stepson’s girlfriend who knew I would have a great time in there. We spent hours exploring every little corner of the store, and those are the things I could not resist bringing home.

In our kitchen…

Passionfruit pulp, portioned in large muffin cups, ready for the freezer. It should last the whole winter, and of course I have plenty of culinary projects for them. Entremets? You bet.

In our kitchen…

I could not resist trying this little gadget that I found at Marshall’s. I really like the way it worked for soft-boiled eggs, the only drawback is that you need a lot of water to start with, but it made perfectly shaped and perfectly cooked eggs.  I like it a lot.

In our kitchen…

My first springerlee mold. I’ve always been fascinated by these cookies that have been around since the 1600’s.  Thanks to a lot of help from my friend Margie, I managed to make my first batch and they turned out delicious, even if some of them exploded a bit, which is apparently very common in the first 100 batches you bake.  A post about them will be on the blog soon.

In our kitchen…

A cameraman to interview yours truly for a news segment in our local news. They aired the news on the morning and evening of premiere, Dec 12th. Of course, they had no idea of the outcome, and it was fun to play star for a day… He left with a very big platter of cookies, by the way.

In our kitchen…

Feeble attempt at dealing with entropy and definitely owning too many baking gadgets. Icing tips and cookie cutters were organized in our basement. I try, my friends, I try.

In our kitchen…

My way of showing you why getting a scale matters. The other day I was making some cookies and the recipe called for 3 cups of flour. I grabbed the measuring cup shown in the third picture, and started adding flour, scraping the top, adding to my bowl. It so happened that I had the bowl on my scale, and was a bit shocked by how much flour went in with the first cup. Way too much. I know that 1 cup of flour is between 120 and 130g (depending on which source of info you trust, but that’s the ballpark). So I decided to measure their volume using water, that has a density of 1.  One cup of water weight 237.5 g.  Only the measuring cup by Hudson Essentials was really accurate.  So, my friend, if you don’t want to ruin your bakes, start using a scale. If recipes call for cups, convert them to grams or ounces or whatever you feel comfortable with. Get a scale that will work with different units of weigh, and you won’t ever have to worry about anything.

In our kitchen…

My first attempt at a macadonut! Pretty tricky to pipe neat circles, but as Sherry Yard would probably state, a little drizzle and sprinkles cover a multitude of sins. Flavor is Almond Buttercream. These were, by the way, the last macarons of this decade. Wow.

In our kitchen…

Cookies galore. I think in December Phil and I baked and decorated more cookies than we ever imagined we would. It was fun to do it together, he is getting pretty good at it, I  must say. The Santa is one of his many productions.


But, but… what is happening?

Oscar is not happy and quite vocal about it. Bogey left the kitchen with disgust. Oh, I see they are jealous because “Short Stuff” was featured. Short Stuff is the way they refer to their brother, who definitely deserves a lot more respect, being the Senior Dog he is.  Ok, ok, you can come out and play also…

I actually do not mind Short Stuff being in your fancy blog (insert canine eye-roll), ’cause I am badass. I am the Alpha Dog who rests his face on hard surfaces and takes burrs as Medals of Honor. I AM BAD ASS.

And this Bad Ass happened to find the tomato you tried to sneak by in my bowl of food. Am I a joke to you, Karen? How many times do I have to let you know I disapprove of tomatoes in any shape or form?  And since we are on the subject of annoying things…

Well, I might be slightly out of focus, but at least I don’t look like a Wookiee. Like “certain pups” in the vicinity…

And, I am the one who inspires Mom’s outfits…

Buck firmly  believes  that  matching  outfits  is  over-rated…. He  prefers  to  just snuggle…

I agree, let’s just play, no matter the outfit!

Although I would really like to play with “other toys”…

Because this one? I am done with…

That’s all for now, my friends!  I hope you enjoyed the first tour of the Bewitching Kitchen for 2020!  It’s been an amazing year, with many ups and many downs, I look forward to what this year will bring. My main goal is to improve my skills on areas of baking I am still not too comfortable with, including things I’ve never attempted like chocolate bonbons. The messiness of the process bothers me, but life is messy, right? So why not make bonbons?

Participating of the show, the whole process of getting ready for it made me realize anything is doable, especially if you can take your time and not be discouraged by failures. They are part of the learning process, and usually taste pretty darn good! We are our own worse critics. Although Paul Hollywood takes a close second!  HA!

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It is time to invite you all for a walk around our kitchen. In My Kitchen posts started many years ago with Celia and is now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings.  In this version, we will go beyond the kitchen because we were away on a professional trip for the whole month of August, so I will include a few bits and pieces from our stay in London.

Starting with gifts…

While in London, we had the opportunity to meet a dear virtual friend of many years – Elaine – The Sourdough Queen. She had us over for lunch and we sat for hours chatting. Had amazing vegetarian spreads and of course the best sourdough loaves a person can wish for. Fresh from her oven. Knowing how much I love tea cups, she gave me this gorgeous cup, handmade by a pottery artist from the region.  I adore it! Thank you, Elaine!

From our dear friend Sarah who lives just a couple of miles away from us, these cute fabric wrappers that you can place under bowls and plates to go into the microwave. No more burning hands on hot bowls, plus they help retain the heat. She made those herself… how cool is that?

In our kitchen…

I’ve been using this for years, then the other day Phil asked me if I ever shared this tip on the blog because it works so well.  It turns out I did not. So here I am, late rather than never, to tell you that a pastry cutter works WONDERS to make guacamole. If you do it, you will never look back. You are welcome…

In our kitchen…

Great find by my beloved. Minced black truffles. Potent, very potent. A little bit goes a long way. We love to add it to regular mushrooms when sauteing them for a side dish, or make a little olive oil concoction to add to grilled steak.  I used some in little mushroom appetizers featured not too long ago.

In our kitchen…

White lentils… I first learned about them through Mimi, when she blogged about a salad. Stay tuned for a recipe showcasing them. Unfortunately I could not find them in our town, but I was so intrigued that I had to place an order online. I know, the sacrifices I make for the sake of food blogging…

In our kitchen…

It is that time of the year. Pumpkin rules!  This one from our farmer’s market, should turn into a dessert. No, not pumpkin pie. I have slightly more exotic plans for this baby…

In our kitchen…

Sometimes things get wild… Please, no questions.

In our kitchen…

Thanks to the efforts of my dear husband, I now have the perfect tool to make spun sugar. I am still at a stage of covering all countertops, most kitchen appliances, and 2/3 of our dogs with spun sugar on several levels of thickness. Practice makes perfect. Here’s to hoping for a long life for Sally.

In our kitchen…

While in London, I also had the opportunity of meeting another food blogger I’ve known and followed for years. The one and only Philip, who was a finalist in the show Britain’s Best Home Cook.  He made me an amazing lunch that was crowned by his homemade lemon pie (he even blogged about it, check it out). He also offered me delicious chocolate cookies called “Bourbons” and showed me the special cutters used to make them from scratch. I knew I had to have them. I already made two of the four kinds, and you will soon read all about them.

In our kitchen…

A few more items from London. I had heard nice things about Silverwood baking pans, and had to bring these home with me. They are beautiful, and work like a dream.

In our kitchen…

Pizza party for our lab members!  We love doing those, I make the dough early in the morning (using my default recipe), let the dough rise in the fridge the whole day, when guests arrive the toppings are ready to go, and we can have a pretty relaxed get together in which the hosts can have as much fun as the guests…

In our kitchen…

What is quickly becoming a routine for our Saturday lunch: Cobb Salad, in many different interpretations.  This one used salmon made in our own smoker, very mild flavor.

In our kitchen…

Mango pearls, made with agar-agar and mango pulp. Approved by the resident pup with a gourmet palate (yeah, right).

In our kitchen…

Icelandic yogurt (skyr). We eat a lot of non-fat yogurt, reserving the full-fat for cooking and baking. This one is simply the best.

And now it’s time for the pups to bark their story.

If he is going to be a complete jerk about what goes on in this house, he can talk to the tail…

Because I actually do some work around here, as this photo proves. 

Indeed, in a rare (cough, cough) moment of clumsiness, I had dumped a small container of yogurt, making considerable mess on the floor. Buck to the rescue, making clean-up a lot easier.

Speaking of clean-up, we go through this routine more often than we like to admit. Oscar is The Burr Magnet, and a complete Drama Boy when it’s time to get them pulled off, no matter how gently we do it.

Not sure what to write as a caption. Honestly, we have absolutely no idea how the remote ended up in there. It could be Bogey Quit That (™) unique way of disapproving our entertainment choices.

But unfortunately, they were forced to endure a full month of kennel due to our trip to the UK. It was hard for all of us…



Indeed, we were in the UK for a little over 30 days. I share with you a few shots from the trip, mainly during weekends when we had a chance to explore the city a bit.

We had some days with nice weather…

Some days… not so much…

We visited magical Stonehenge….

We had amazing – truly amazing – fish and chips (with mandatory mushy peas).

I had a small dessert-macaron at Laduree (that place is a dream).

And by complete accident I stumbled upon a book signing by Nadiya Hussain, winner of Great British Bake Off a few years back. I told her how much we loved watching her, and that in fact I watched her season at least three times….

I fell in love but bravely walked away from the mixer of my dreams….

And had a special dinner with my forever husband at Rules Restaurant, where we had a romantic meal together 15 years ago…


But even long trips come to an end… and we were absolutely thrilled to go back to our routine…  Dogs sleeping nicely on the first evening back…

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the Bewitching Kitchen and a few glimpses of London. I will have a bit more to share about the trip in future posts, as my dear friend Denise took me to some pretty special spots. But that’s another story, to be told another time…

Until my next In My Kitchen post…

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IN MY KITCHEN: JULY 2019 (and giveaway winner!)

It is time to invite you all for a walk around our kitchen. In My Kitchen posts started many years ago with Celia and is now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings.  This version is going to feel a bit different. It will be shorter, include a few gifts, some baked items, and of course the pups. It turns out that we are facing a very big professional commitment, and I have no choice but to considerably reduce my blogging schedule.  Life should go back to normal in September. Until then, I will take the opportunity to re-blog old posts that I am particularly fond of. After 10 years of regular blogging, there’s more than enough material to dig from. If at all possible, I will come up with a new post here and there.

Starting with gifts….

From our friend Cindy, this MAGNIFICENT serving dish that I adore… It is perfect, gorgeous, and makes me smile every time I see it!  Thank you, Cindy!

From the pups for Mother’s Day, these beautiful plates, that go very well with an old plate from Anthropologie we got years ago in Los Angeles.  Thanks, boys!

From Phil, a coffee cup from our favorite pottery artist, Mary Rose Young . Another item that makes me smile every time I see it. Braces be darned.

From our next door neighbors, flowers from their backyard… Aren’t they amazing?

In our kitchen….

A sourdough bread dressed up for party….

Strawberry sorbet made with just a few simple ingredients…

A caramel sauce that is a ticket to Nirvana…

Pain au chocolat with laminated dough, “comme il faut”…

And now, let’s see what the pups have been up to…

Makes me think of Ella Fitzgerald’s Summertime… and the livin’ is easy…. (dated myself big time here, haven’t I?).  That’s the vibe around our neck of the woods…

But let’s keep in mind that Osky has a very unique sense of comfort. We had some work done in the backyard, and well…  he chose to rest his bones in between a rock and a hard place. Literally.

Although once inside the house, he is partial to a comfy bed or maybe four of them….

Or a comfy couch… When their humans are not paying attention they might arrive in the living room to this peaceful scene….

Yeah, the couch is a tempting place indeed….

And when Oscar manages to get to his favorite spot, he will defend it fiercely (don’t worry, he got a “bad, bad boy” to correct his behavior). But aren’t those teeth something fierce? He is definitely the alpha-dog…

He might be the alpha-dog, but WE are Mom’s riding buddies…

And we are also the valiant guardians of the castle!

Barking our heads off in 5… 4… 3… 2….
(as the USPS truck parks by the driveway).

This picture explains a sudden increase on my gray hair. I had given Bucky Boy a thorough bath about 40 minutes earlier. Enough said.

And since we are on the subject of gray hair, there’s more reasons for it, contributed by BogeyQT™. He insists on stealing paper from the trash can, ripping it, and placing pieces in his usual design always on the rug by the front door. It is a perverse canine ritual of sorts. Gray hair. I tell ya.

Is he worried?

Not really… He knows we adore him in all his crazy glory…  I even baked a cake to celebrate his spots (recipe will be on the blog at some point, I promise).

Eggs – $2.99
Whipping Cream – $ 4.89  
Matching Dog to Cake to Necklace?  PRICELESS!


Before I leave you…
the winner of the 10th anniversary giveaway is…

I will be back on my regular twice-per-week schedule of blogging in September, until then will keep the blog going as best as I can.

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I blinked twice, and three months have passed since the last virtual tour of our kitchen. This tradition started many years ago with Celia and is now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings.  I haven’t stopped writing these posts since my first time (that was July 2011), although I do not participate every month. I prefer to let things accumulate a bit, so there’s more to talk about.

Starting with gifts…

We were in Brazil a couple of weeks ago, and my niece Raquel, Baker Extraordinaire, opened her many boxes of baking items and twisted my arm really hard so that I would bring a few goodies with me.

These are food dyes, colors I did not have, except for the red. But it turns out red is one tricky color, most brands require you to dump a ton of dye to get some hint of real red. Raquel really liked this brand and since she had two bottles… I did not feel too guilty bringing one with me.

Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I thought so. Raquel has all sorts of mini silicone molds, from the time she was decorating cakes professionally. She insisted I should grab a bunch of them, but I decided to act with moderation and brought only this little owl. Now I need to design some dessert to feature it in all its cute glory. Oh, the struggles I face!

Most people who know me are aware that I adore elephants. Raquel always gifts me with little elephants (since bringing a live one in the plane would be awkward, and the pups might object to a new sibling).  The pen holder is a few years old, but the two next to it just arrived.  Inside each, lives a small additional elephant, so they are like tokens of good luck, representing new beginnings, renovation. Thank you, Quel!

From Phil…

Many years ago we were in California at a Farmer’s market, and a friend insisted we should get a bottle of their special white balsamic vinegar. It is truly delicious, but the last drop was consumed a while ago. I had no idea those could be ordered online, but my beloved husband surprised me not with one but three bottles of their vinegar: white, passion fruit, and dark. We consume a lot of balsamic vinegar, by the way.

A gift shared on my previous IMK post from our friend Cindy is now paired with a pitcher we’ve had for a while. I love how they look together, and how they make roses shine…

In our kitchen….

I don’t care for single-use gadgets at all. So why am I featuring exactly that? Because this strawberry huller is absolutely awesome and I hate doing the job with a paring knife. Life is too short for that.  You press the green part in, it opens the sharp (but not too sharp) blades on the opposite end. Place that on the top of the strawberry, twist, and amaze yourself at the perfectly hulled strawberry you can call your own.

In our kitchen….

Another type of product I normally don’t fall for. These are flavored icing sugars. I read about them in a macaron-baking forum, every baker who’s used them raves about them. So many kinds available, it’s not even funny. I placed an order for two, and already tried the Cherry Bakewell on… you guessed it: macarons. Stay tuned. Very nice, subtle flavor, not artificial at all.  Lemon Drizzle will be tried very soon. I ordered mine from this site.

In our kitchen….

Fruit puree made for babies. I said to myself, why not try this? Some brands have added sugar, some mix different fruits in the same bottle (and that could be also quite appropriate, depending on your cooking plans). This one is pure  mango and it tastes quite bright and fresh, not “cooked” and bland. I used it to make jellied inserts for a mousse cake, but I bet it would work well as a base for macaron fillings, buttercream, all sorts of concoctions that ask for fruit puree. I don’t know why I did not think about this sooner. If you only need a small amount of puree for a recipe, consider a walk throughout the baby food aisle of your grocery store.

In our kitchen….

Freeze-dried lychee… I’ve been using freeze-dried fruit a lot lately in all sorts of desserts, and lychee seemed so wild and exciting. Reviews of this particular product were excellent, so I am now the proud owner of a little bag. Macarons are always a possibility, but who knows what the future holds for this baby?

In our kitchen….

Puffed Quinoa. I had to order it through amazon, as I had never even heard about it until a French food blogger came up with it to add crunch to a cake layer. I cannot wait to try it. Apparently the best way to use it is to toast it first in the oven, then incorporate in whatever preparation you want: melted chocolate, praline, or even just sprinkle over a layer of pastry cream.  You can also just enjoy it with a bit of yogurt and fruit in the morning.

In our kitchen….

The microwave can be pretty hard on regular dishes, so we got a set of microwave-safe bowls and plates. The plates are small, perfect to heat leftovers for our lunch. The bowls are nice to melt chocolate, they don’t retain as much heat as Pyrex type bowls do. I love their pastel tones.

In our kitchen….

Yes, I am fully aware one can “easily” make preserved lemons, but I found this beauty at Marshalls and could not resist bringing it home. In case I have a preserved-lemon-emergency, I will be ready for it.

In our kitchen….

Yuzu Salt. Another Japanese ingredient that stole my heart. This stuff is incredibly tasty.  I used it to season one of our favorite salads, that mixes avocado, roasted carrots and almonds. Check the blog if you missed it with a click here. I make it often, and from now on, it will always be seasoned with this magical little powder. Also amazing to season a simple carrot soup.

In our kitchen….

Parchment paper. I have a pet peeve to share. I love the quality of King Arthur’s parchment, but it always irritates me that their half-sheet size does not fit nicely into a half-sheet pan (see first photo of composite above). Why, oh why would they manufacture them this way?  I sometimes buy other brands, and even though they fit perfectly, their quality is not that good. I notice it particularly when baking sourdough bread, they might stick to the bottom of the bread in ways that King Arthur’s type never does. Not too long ago someone was raving about this brand, Lagrange. I caved. And I am so glad I did. It fits (see last photo of composite), and it performs as well or better than KA.  If you like to order some, amazon is your friend. Or your necessary evil, depending on how you feel about it.

In our kitchen….

I should actually say in our basement… I finally organized all my baking gadgets, and even made a full inventory of everything. Silicone baking stuff, baking pans, and my Sprinkle Emergency Box, all living happily together.

In our kitchen….

This is a mini-bowl for the Kitchen Aid, and I consider it one of the best acquisitions ever. Some recipes call for a very small amount of “stuff”, for instance egg whites for meringue. It is a problem to make that work in a regular size bowl, so I normally would start it by hand to get some volume, then let the Kitchen Aid do its job. Now, I simply grab Minnie and let her shine, while I perform a quick version of the Happy Dance.

In our kitchen….

Have you heard of Tonka beans? In Brazil they are known as “cumaru.” Think about a very floral vanilla bean, with touches of black walnuts, or so it seemed to Phil and I. In patisserie, it is use to flavor creams and mousses. Absolutely wonderful. Amazon sells it for an arm, a leg, and an eye (with 20/20 vision). Since we were going to be in Brazil, my sister and niece helped me out and I could buy this huge bottle and bring with me. BogeyQT™ was particularly mesmerized by its fragrance.

Note added after publication: tonka beans have been banned in the US since 1954 due to its blood-thinning properties. However, the substance associated with it, is present in minute amounts in the beans, and interestingly enough other foods also contain the substance (carrots, for instance). It is all a matter of dose, as usual. The amount of benzopyrone present in tonka beans is never going to be harmful, it is used as a flavoring agent. You can read more about it here. Quoting from the article: For a fully grown adult to reach a toxic threshold, they would need to consume about 2400 plates of tonka bean  flavoured desserts, in which case liver damage would probably not be their major concern.

Wait, wait! What’s all this commotion all of a sudden?

I see you included The Dalmatian in your very wordy In My Kitchen post….  

Care to explain that?

Go ahead, make your case. We are all ears and very quiet tails…

Bogey, they think we’re playing favorites, but we know that’s not true!

or… is it?

Nah, those are isolated incidents.

Let’s prove the point by starting this pup-party with your brothers…

We are Bad-Asses! We patrol our backyard like nobody’s business! No bunny rabbit will hop around, no toad, no snake, no turkey, no possum, no skunk, no cable guy will step on our premises without paying a huge price for it. We are Armageddon on Four Legs.

Patrolling the backyard is hard work, and it comes with dreadful consequences at times…

Usually it’s Osky Boy who gets covered in burrs, but recently Buck decided he would pull the same trick, maybe in an attempt to get some very special grooming attention…  He does take the cleaning of burrs with a lot more bravery than his brother.

Bravery? Since when a little pulling of burrs means bravery?  LOOK AT ME!  Come for a ride in the car, they said. It will be fun, they said. The fun I got was a poke with a needle (they called it a vaccine) and I did not care for it at all. AT ALL.

Do I hear we are next in line for this vaccine thing?

I am not listening. And I ain’t going anywhere. They can’t make me.

You can worry yourselves to death now. The torturer said that I am free of that fun for 21 doggie years!  That’s pure bliss…

But, thankfully, pups live in the moment, and it seems to me BogeyQT™ and Buck are not very bothered by what will come in a month or so.

After all, there’s enough excitement in their life…  There’s a lot of baking….

Constant stalking of the kitchen island….

as well as some stalking of a different kind…

Then, there’s a lot of work to be done too…

Sometimes, when we really need to cook in peace…. the big boy must be kept at a safe distance. Those long legs are a constant threat to anything sitting on countertops.

That’s all for now, folks!  We hope you enjoyed the Spring version of In My Kitchen, we’ll be back with another tour in a few months… Til then, keep calm, and bake on!


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I wish I could say that 2018 was a great year, but it was not the case. I am happy to see it go and hope that 2019 will be lighter and better on many levels.  Today, on the first day of this new year, I invite you for a virtual walk around our kitchen, a tradition started by Celia and now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings. It’s been three months since my last IMK post, so there’s a lot to share. Ready? Let’s go!

Starting with gifts…

From our dear friend Denise, shipped all the way from England, a great environment-friendly and personalized coffee cup. Isn’t it adorable? Made from bamboo wood, it’s light and keeps beverages hot for a while. She also gave me a hot cocoa mix that is absolutely divine, albeit dangerously addictive. I like to add one (or two) teaspoons right into my morning cappuccino, but only on Sunday mornings. You know, that moderation thing…

From our dear friends from Oklahoma, Marijo & Vlad, the world’s tastiest pears, from Harry & David.  You cannot have better pears. Ever. Last year they gifted us with amazing bottles of balsamic vinegar, and we just opened the second one not too long ago.

From our dear friend Cindy, also from Oklahoma, a collection of wonderful goodies, proving she knows us very well. Because… sprinkles?  I am addicted. A very colorful plate? That has my name all over it. And an oyster knife? We inhale oysters in obscene amounts from September until the weather warms up. Thank you so much, Cindy! Oyster knife tried the very day we got your package, and approved by the resident Oyster Shucker.

From our friend Ines, straight from New York… A cookbook that could not be a better fit for me! Thank you so much, he is absolutely great, his recipes always work. I’ve been a follower of his blog for a long time… Thank you!

My turn to give a gift… This was a gift for Phil, could not resist having this cup special ordered for him. Isn’t it adorable?

I cannot believe that even the mark on the back of the Jack Russell resembles Buck, although his is a little lower, right on his butt. Oh, well – close enough. To order one, click here. (free advertisement, I get nothing back if you order, just sharing the love).

In our kitchen…

A batter dispenser, that was featured in a recent dessert post. In this picture you can see it has three different nozzles (two hanging from the handle, one installed) that twist on and off the bottom. Each has a slightly different diameter, so  that depending on the fluidity of the batter you can decide which one to use. I love it. It would also work to make perfectly shaped pancakes, if you are into that sort of thing…

In our kitchen…

Organization time! We got some sturdy shells for the basement, so I could finally organize all my baking items. A second shelf – to be assembled soon – will hold baking pans and glassware, hopefully I’ll be able to show it on my next IMK post.

Still in organization mode, my stencils are now much easier to find and choose. I placed them inside plastic folders with sturdy color paper inside so the pattern is clearly visible.  Have I mentioned I’m a bit obsessed with stencils?

These are a little bigger, each is a 6-inch square. Perfect for cakes or breads, but some might also work for macarons with the help of the air-brush.

In our kitchen…

My gorgeous bread lame holder, sold by Elaine from  You have no idea how light it is, a pleasure to work with. No two holders look the same, each is a unique piece of art. She ships worldwide, in case you are tempted.

In our kitchen…

Mycryo, a fantastic product that I had to order online, but if you are lucky enough to live in a big city with a specialized baking store, you might be able to find it more easily. It is cocoa butter in powdered form. Not only you can add to custards and mousses, but apparently it makes the job of tempering chocolate a lot easier. I haven’t tried it for tempering yet, but once I do, I’ll report back. One great use for it, is sprinkling on sweet pie crusts after blind baking. Not only it provides a subtle flavor, but it helps sealing the crust.

In our kitchen…

Elderflower is one of my (many) passions. The cordial is lovely added to carbonated water and a few ice cubes. Recently I got introduced to elderflower tea. It is Zen in liquid form, my favorite way to end the day.

In our kitchen…

A sourdough boule with decorative scoring… I am having a blast with different patterns, baking at a pace of two loaves per month. Even at that pace it is more bread than we can consume, but some slices end up as croutons, they elevate some salads to Hail Caesar level.

In our kitchen…

Some festive serving platters, all found at Marshalls for very cheap. I love the golden one, which you will have an opportunity to see very soon, holding a batch of macarons. Side note, can you imagine I have not one, not two, but FIVE macaron posts waiting patiently to show up on the blog?

In our kitchen…

My very first attempt at cookie decorating. These are not sugar cookies, they were made from leftover sable dough from one of my entremet type cakes. My plan was to just cut them in round shape and be done with it, but the man I married insisted that “you need to practice a new skill, look at all the cookie cutters we have, go for it”.  The cutters are actually his, he used to do a lot of Christmas cookie decorating back when the kids were young. As far as taste is concerned, I like them even better than sugar cookies. On the subject of looks, all I can tell you is that the Road to Hell is Paved with Royal Icing, and it will take me a while to face that nightmarish flowing substance again. Enough said.

In our kitchen…

Direct consequence of the above. Just in case I get crazy enough to attempt cookie decorating in this life, I will try it with an icing pen. It cannot possibly make things worse than they were on a certain Sunday morning.

In our kitchen…

A set of 9 star-shaped piping tips, to give me the incentive to get better at all things buttercream. Also very nice to fill macarons, as you will see before this month is over.

In our kitchen…

Where we live, frozen açaí pulp is not available. Buying the stuff online seems reasonable until you move the product to the shopping cart and add shipping charges. They insist on FedEx overnight, only option. Yeah, sure. All of a sudden açaí pulp costs about the same as platinum. Thanks, but no thanks. I will give this powder a try, my goal is to make açaí mousse. If anyone has advice, leave me a comment, will you? And just to make sure all my readers are on top of it, here’s how you say the word as a native (any other way makes Brazilians cringe and run away screaming).

In our kitchen…

I am in complete awe of this one…It’s a micro-scale to weigh less than 15 grams with great precision. The first picture shows my hand next to it, giving you an idea of how small it is, so cute. The balance, not my hand. Obviously. In many patisserie recipes this gadget comes in handy. Think gelatin, pectin, but also salt in bread baking, I prefer to measure it with more precision. In the central picture you see the balance in action, measuring 0.5g of osmo-tolerant yeast. I know. Posh to the limit. This baby came with a standard for 50g weight, which was immediately used to check accuracy of my other, regular-size balance, several years old. Spot on!

In our kitchen…

A nut cracker, recommended by America’s Test Kitchen as their top choice. I dislike chopping nuts, and this gadget does a beautiful job. Uniform pieces, fast and without the mess I normally do all over the countertop. In fact, the moment I start chopping nuts, Bogey QT™ and Buck approach the area, waiting for catapulted goodies. Full disclosure: they did not approve the acquisition of this gadget.

In our kitchen…

I caved and bought peeled hazelnuts from  They are worth every penny, in my opinion. The road to hell might be paved with Royal Icing, but then when you get there, your job is to peel hazelnuts. For. Eternity.

But, what the heck?
Why is Bogey Quit That™ so upset?
And why is that Jack Russel telling me to talk to the tail?

Well, it looks like I hurt their delicate feelings. I better let them have their five minutes of blog glory.

The weather has been pretty tough on the pups lately, which means staying inside the whole morning, going out a little bit at lunch time, then back inside until we come home from work.

But, they seem to make the best of it…

Even though it is so cold outside, Oscar manages to get in trouble. Our resident Burr Boy.

Of course, he has to whine and howl as if he’s being skinned alive while we work hard to get the nasty burrs off his face.  Fun times.

He is not the only one giving us grievances. Bogey Quit That™ decided to treat his fur to a nice mud rub, 24 hours after he arrived squeaky clean from a visit to Petsmart for special shampoo and brushing. I was not exactly thrilled. The stuff had already dried up by the time we arrived home. He seemed quite pleased with himself.

Here we are, ready to help Dad get that roast chicken ready for dinner. He is making Mexican-style chicken fajitas. We like chicken fajitas. We like chicken. Any chicken.

You might have some chicken tomorrow, for the time being we have some dog treats for you, but first you need to answer us… have you been naughty or nice?

Dog food bag: another great find at Marshalls… love that store!

Actually, their Mom has a different opinion. She hopes to get a bit more respect in the New Year. Here’s what happens when she asks the pups to sit for a picture…

And here’s what happens when Dad is the one asking…

Maybe we could behave a little better with Mom, but I still think I don’t deserve this type of treatment. My personal scent was at its best to receive the New Year with paws up. Now, I am gonna smell like a bag of clementines.

We’ll feel sorry for you when we wake up, brother… Right now we are too comfy to care…

Naughty or not, we find them impossibly cute. Osky and Bogey QT can wink, and no one does a head twist as cute as Bucky Boy…

We might wink, but don’t ever expect us to see eye to eye…. HA!

To close this post, the pups offer a few bits of wisdom
for your New Year!

Oscar says….
Always show affection to the ones you love!

Bogey says…
Enjoy to the fullest each good moment of your day…

Buck says…
Play hard, but take the time to relax too. It’s important.


I hope you enjoyed the first tour of the year through the Bewitching Kitchen… My plan for 2019 is to focus even more on baking, but still keep the blog as varied as possible, with “regular” recipes posted weekly.  It is hard to believe, but in a few months the BK completes 10 years of life!




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Summer is over. I know, it’s pathetic and makes me want to cry. On the bright side, though, it is time to invite you for a virtual tour of our kitchen. In My Kitchen is a fun tradition started by Celia and now hosted by Sherry, from  Sherry’s Pickings. Stop by their virtual spots to say hello…

I like to start by sharing the gifts that found their way into our kitchen…. This time I have only one, but super special. From my beloved, a paint sprayer! No, I am not re-decorating the kitchen, this one will be devoted to spraying chocolate. How cool is that?

If you’ve been around lately, you probably saw my first adventure with it. Stay tuned for more…

In our kitchen…

This could be considered a gift too. After all, I bought it, but Phil slaved away to install it for me. A rack. Born to hold nail polish, but evolved into something much better.

Finally all my food dyes and powder dusts are organized and very easy to work with. I still have some space left for food dye emergencies of the unexpected kind. Or maybe a nail polish or two…


In our kitchen…

Stuff we’ll definitely miss now that summer is over… Look at those cute eggs!  They had been laid just hours before we brought them home.

In our kitchen…

Jams from our favorite producer, Maury Island Farm. I’ve featured them before, and it was time to get some new flavors like Boysenberry (you will see a post using this jam very soon). Those berries have a very interesting story, if you like to read about them, click here (but come back to walk with me through our kitchen). We also got Seedless Raspberry (perfect for the filling of certain French cookies), and a Blackberry-Blueberry mix. They are all fantastic!

In our kitchen…

Aji-Amarillo sauce. This is a product from Peru, and I highly recommend you give it a try, in case you’ve never had it. The jar says “hot pepper”, but I actually find it pretty mild, very flavorful. I normally add it to marinades together with yogurt, and use it either in chicken breasts or pork tenderloin. Just last week I added some to my default turkey burger recipe and it was a nice move, trust me. The color is gorgeous, pure turmeric-like yellow.

In our kitchen…

Japanese goodies!

Can you tell I am slightly obsessed with all things Japan? The roasted green tea was not easy to find, but totally worth it. The roasting process not only reduces the caffeine level, but it makes the tea taste quite smooth. It has a brown-golden color instead of the usual light green, and a more assertive smell. I intend to use it in baking too, in fact the first time I heard about it was in one of my Japanese baking cookbooks.

The little vial next to it is a ground pepper called Sancho. Think about a Chinese Szechuan pepper (with that interesting numbing characteristic), married to lime zest. I sprinkle it over fried eggs, and also find it particularly good on grilled salmon.

The other two products are related to yuzu, a unique Japanese fruit with strong citric flavor. I was lucky to find those items in our Oriental store in town, but the owner told me they are not always available. Lucky, lucky me. The bottle of yuzu juice is quite small, so after I use it for a special dessert, I will freeze it in cubes for future adventures. The marmalade will find its way to my beloved’s Ak-Mak crackers and some special dessert concoctions I have in mind.

In our kitchen…

I cannot fight the passing of the seasons, so I embrace it instead. Aren’t those the cutest toppings for cupcakes? And, speaking of toppings, I’ve got a couple more for you…

Beware of this company: Fancy Sprinkles. You can break your baking budget if you do not exercise caution browsing their MANY products. You’ve been warned. I managed to escape with just these two. Can you guess what I used the one on the right for?

In our kitchen…

Amoretti is another company I found out about through Macaron-Obsessed folks on Facebook. Amoretti makes very concentrated, natural flavors, and bakers go crazy for them. Oddly enough, I did not use the mango essence for macarons (not yet, that is), but for a tropical-ish cake. Not to sound repetitive, I have to say “stay tuned.”

In our kitchen…

I am so in love with this one! It is a pistachio bowl with a clever design. You get the pistachios, and discard the shells in the lower compartment. Of course, you could use it for olives, peanuts, or anything that you want.Or forget the waste function and use the two bowls independently. They are made of high quality plastic, sturdy and cute.

In our kitchen…

A baking mat to roll out cookie dough, pie dough, marzipan, or even to knead bread dough. It is better than most around. I like its size (not too big, not too small), the fact that it shows measurements both in inches and centimeters, and the way it glues to the surface, no slipping around. I love it. It is amazing the number of nice gadgets I learn about from being around serious bakers on Facebook groups. When they recommend something, I pay attention. Same goes for Craftsy classes online. Great source of tips on the right tools for any job.

In our kitchen…

Another very interesting gadget, this time I saw it in a cookbook. It does a fantastic job to uniformly soak genoise cake layers. Of course, you can use a spoon, a silicone brush, but it is tedious and hard to judge if you are soaking one spot too much and ignoring another. This bottle showers a constant amount as you go over the layer of cake with it. A pleasure to use, and very efficient.

In our kitchen…

Sourdough bread… a regular appearance in our kitchen, particularly now that I’m using a superstar starter. Elaine’s Star is one powerful mix! This was a White Cheddar-Sundried Tomato loaf, absolutely delicious. I will share the details next month. 

In our kitchen…

Watermelon Sorbet, made by my beloved. In fact, after juicing a watermelon bigger than a newborn baby, he proceeded to make sorbet three evenings in a row. Watermelon-Banana (with a touch of Cointreau), Watermelon-Blackberry (with a touch of pepper vodka), and Watermelon-Strawberry (also with a smidgen of vodka).  He enjoyed it with diced up dried mango bits and a cookie. Happy man. The ice cream maker is now stored for its hibernation during the cold months ahead. Pass the Prozac Kleenex. I cannot help but get hysterical emotional.

Well, I must stop here and say goodbye, see you in 2019… It’s been great to… wait, wait… what’s all this annoying barking, and biting of my ankles?

Ah, the pups… Insistent to have their five minutes of fame on the blog.


Ok, ok, they can join the tour too. I start with a little video, to show you how “well-trained” they are. Not very easy to make three derelicts perform a trick on the same small space, but somehow Phil got it done. Of course, Buck does three roll-overs for every one his brothers attempt to do. That pup is always ready to show his skills, even before we give the command…

This summer was pretty awesome for the Magnificent Trio. They went for long walks with us almost every evening, to profit from the long days, and to say hello to their new best friends, the horses. Well, we’ll skip the bit about Buck trying to bite the nose of the biggest one. He is our little pot of honey…

We pass through many farms, and in one particular spot we like to stop and feed the largest group of horses around. I used to be terrified of horses, but you can see I’m much better now.

The pups get along well, for the most part, but there is quite a bit of posturing and rivalry between the resident alpha dog, aka Oscar For the Love of God Stop, and BogeyQT™.

Oscar lies on Bogey’s bed at every opportunity, and firmly believes “if it matches my fur, it is mine.”

BogeyQT™ fires back with sharp criticism of his brother’s looks: “You need to trim these eyebrows, you look ridiculous and dishevelled.”  This is what a pair of handsome dog’s eyes should look like:

Are you on drugs? Your eyes have a bald and desolate appearance! And allow me to point out that your nose is so big it does not fit in the photo.  Whereas mine… it is the definition of a well-proportioned canine body part. I could move back to Hollywood (where “I” was born), and make some serious cash in the movies.


Osky and BQT™ live in parallel realities. Literally, it seems…

Buck floats above all the non-sense, with his royal poise and dignity…

That, of course, rubs the brothers the wrong way…

And cannot even keep his nose clean. What a travesty!

But they all agree on one point: they live for the weekend!


Unfortunately, weekdays were not the worse to happen to them
since our last virtual tour…

Why? Oh, why???? We haven’t done anything wrong!

Or… have we?

Yes, we did have a work-related trip, and left them behind for a few days. But as usual, we came back to rescue them and resume our delicious routine…

That’s all for now, folks!  See you with in January 2019 for my next IMK… 

Thank you, Sherry for hosting! I invite my readers to stop by Sherry’s Pickings to take virtual tours of many kitchens around the world!

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