This is the simplest salad you will ever make. If you read Portuguese, or don’t mind the butchering that google translate occasionally causes, jump over to Fer’s blog (Chucrute com Salsicha) to see where I got the idea for this great side dish.  I echo her words, and urge you to use the best possible tomatoes you can find.  They need to be juicy, packed with flavor, and you must cut them in thick slices to stand the warm shower of the brown butter.   You also must enjoy this salad right away.   Am I bossy today or what?  😉  But, once you comply with my demands, you will thank Fer for bringing this to our attention…
Looking for the recipe?  There is no recipe, too simple for that.  Grab the best tomatoes you can find (have I made that clear enough? ;-)). Cut them in thick slices, and arrange them on a plate.

Melt some butter, gently.  On low heat, allow it to get a brownish color, by that time a nutty, wonderful smell should make you smile in anticipation.   Spoon some of the brown butter over the tomatoes, season with Maldon salt (for that added crunch), black pepper, and serve right away.

Leftovers? Toast some rustic sourdough bread, and while the bread is still hot from the toaster (or grill), place a nice slice of brown butter tomato on top…   Take a bite. Then another. And have happy thoughts.

Fer, obrigada pela super receita!  Seu ginger ale esta’ na fila para uma proxima empreitada…

I close this post offering you a  link with NINETY recipes for healthy, no-heat lunches to take to work.  Kalyn, a veteran food blogger recently assembled this collection and I immediately bookmarked it.  A wealth of information!
Click here and ENJOY!

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    • Amei, Fer! ideia genial indeed! E hoje meu cafe’ da manha foi seu muesli, voce esta’ incrementando minha vida gastronomica! Rolled oats com a textura perfeita, depois de passar a noite na geladeira. Omiti as amendoas tostadas, mas foi yogurte, maca e agave nectar… com um toquinho leve de canela que ninguem e’ de ferro… 😉


  1. Beautiful red ripe tomatoes, sliced and coated with brown butter. Oh, Sally! What’s not to love? I know there’ll be tomatoes at this weekend’s farmers markets. I just hope they’ll be good enough for this dish. A dish this simple really depends upon the best of ingredients. Fingers crossed because I really do want to make this. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh my… this sounds absolutely delicious AND as simple as can be… my type of combination!! I think I could become addicted to brown butter (on just about anything) real quick – scrumptious!


  3. I served this for Thanksgiving Dinner last night. The only change I made was to put the tomatoes on a bed of lovely fresh mesclun greens. It was, quite simply , outstanding! Of course it helped that the tomatoes were fresh from the farmers fields. Such a simple and elegant starter. Thanks.



  4. I hope I can find some good tomatoes still hanging around. I have to make this salad! It sounds and looks phenomenal. I love tomatoes and of course I love browned butter. I just never thought to put them together. Yum! (And some grilled bread would be a must with this – perfection in fact!)


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