Third post of a series of three on Sugar Cookie Decorating

In this post, I won’t share a recipe, as I will be using the exact same one posted yesterday. I made another set of silhouettes because the pups were beyond upset by my use of felines as cookie decoration.

Please do not laugh of my pink dotted border. That is the one technique Tanya demonstrated and I simply could not succeed. She does the beaded border pulling the piping tip and dragging a bit alternating the direction, it looks soooo adorable. I’ve tried in two cookies, and they ended in my belly because I was forced to eat the evidence. So I just went with little dots and even that has plenty of room for improvement.

I made dogs and cats of two sizes, to either stand alone in a cookie or side by side as best friends. At least in the cookie world, such relationship is possible.

The planning stage…

In this batch of cookies, I brought my air-brush into play. So I started from the flooding technique, and allowed that to fully dry for 24 hours. Once the surface is truly solid, you can lay a stencil on top and air-brush any color and/or pattern you fancy.

After that, simply glue the silhouette, if using, or any other piping with Royal icing you feel like adding.

If you are new to air-brushing, I highly recommend this one. It has a cup that is bigger than other brands, and can also be used for cocoa butter for spraying bonbon molds (I intend to try that in the near future).

You will also need air-brush dyes, and my favorite brand is Cookie Countess. The most useful colors are the pearl types, white, gold, silver or my favorite: Rose’ Gold (which I used in the cookies without silhouettes in the group picture above).

Below a little sampling of bakes from old posts and a few not yet blogged about, all decorated with air-brushing, some with stencils, some without. Speaking of stencils, etsy.com is a great source to get them.

It is really a very nice tool to play with, so if you are over the fence about getting one, consider this post a little encouragement…

I hope you enjoyed this little Trilogy of Sugar Cookies. Sugar Cookies and macarons are almost always part of my weekly bakes for Common Table meals, so I am constantly trying to find new ways to decorate them and new flavors to explore. Stay tuned for more in the near future…


  1. Hello from Paris, the city of light(…and virus)

    What a glamorous couple ! My best american friends (for ever)
    Sally, you are a “vrai chef” ! Congratulations.
    Big hugs from Laura and Corinne

    PS. I am so happy for you that the j… got kicked off. Back to normal politics at last

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  2. Hi Sally,
    I think I made a Black Friday wee hours shopping bad buy😢
    I read your post earlier and decided to bite the bullet and buy an air brush. You have made so many pretty baked goods with your’s.

    Sadly, I only noticed the name Cookie Countess. I had to shop at 5am to be ready when they opened up stock to purchase this morning. Now I went back to read your post and realized there was a second link to an airbrush on Amazon.

    I am thinking I should return this gun because I do not see any mention of three levels of control like the Ibotta. There is an adjustable knob but I am thinking that perhaps means something different altogether. I see it has 25psi and is single action but beyond that I am clueless. Can you give me any advice?

    I spent quite a lot at the Cookie Countess because I got the package with 24 colors and 4 shimmer colors. I was excited about having all the colors but I don’t want them at the expense of a less excellent tool.

    Black Friday is appropriately named, lol.


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    • Oh, I would not worry about it, that air=brush you bought it probably very very good – in fact I had another brand, definitely not as good as Cookie Countess and it worked for me for a few years – it is just that I want to use cocoa butter to spray molds, and that cup was too small. Then it started leaking and it was the push I needed to upgrade. Definitely go for it – they all have this type of dial, usually with three speeds, I like the medium. Most important thing is to learn the right distance to spray from, but you will get that in a couple of trials

      you will have a fantastic amount of fun… 😉


      • Good morning Sally,
        Thanks for talking me down that airbrush panic, lol. I hope the cup is larger on the one I bought in case I want to use cocoa butter. Want to use this for Matt’s classes and hoping it is versatile. There is no info on Iwata’s or on the Cookie Countess’s cup size so just can to relax and see what arrives. Now that I have had some sleep realize I should be more worried about just figuring out the distance to hold the thing, lol!

        I see on Cookie Countess they sell a .5mm needle for the airbrush to use alcohol with metallics and shimmers. This with this larger size might work perhaps for cocoa butter. Getting excited to play! You are such an inspiration!!! And thanks so much about tipping us off about Matt Adlard. I am so excited about his classes I am happy to be lock-downed to bake, lol.

        And so maybe here is some thank you inspiration for you:



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