6 thoughts on “JUST A FEW HOURS TO GO!

  1. I am a new follower–I didn’t even KNOW there was a Great American Baking Show (not a regular tv watcher)! My sister who lives in Manhattan–she and hubs both grads of K-State–sent me your pic from the paper this morning (knowing I liked the British version). Congrats! So much fun! We’ll be glued to the tv down here in Wichita this evening!


  2. Still doing homework on how to get the full programme on YouTube in Australia – it seems I may have to subscribe to a paid service ? Meanwhile so glad you are giving us a blow-by-blow description !! Have watched the wonderful Australian one with our incomparable Maggie Beer and Matt Moran in very much the same format as the British one, so your writing does help a long way . . . shall try again after work !


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