1. How fun! I would love to see your roll out cookie recipe!
    I just recently found cookie decorating when grandson wanted paw patrol cookies. I had to buy the cookie cutters, all the doo dads to decorate with, then figure out what the heck they looked like. It was a blast. I learned that I can’t pipe a pretty cake frosting but I can color between the lines of a cookie pretty good! You are so much more advanced than I am. I hope I can get as good as you are. If you haven’t found it yet cookie countess has a 1/4 inch thickness rolling pin that is wonderful. Wide for lots of dough, with handles that you can hang on to easily.
    Love Ranchmama

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    • all my cookie recipes are in this blog – the chocolate is under Grown Up Spicy Chocolate Cookie – and the sugar cookie basic recipe is called Neat Edges Sugar Cookie – I change the flavors around in that one quite often, but the basic is that. I do have that rolling pin and use it whenever my cookie dough is really large – I sometimes do small batches and then I resort to another rolling pin, a little smaller


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