ONE YEAR AGO: Mini-Pullman Sourdough Bread

TWO YEARS AGO: Gibassier

THREE YEARS AGO: Sundried Tomato Twist Bread

FOUR YEAR AGO: And now for something completely different….

FIVE YEARS AGO: Parsnip, Coconut, and Lemongrass Soup

SIX YEARS AGO: In My Kitchen, October 2016

SEVEN YEARS AGO: Paleo Moussaka

EIGHT YEARS AGO: In My Kitchen, October 2014

NINE YEARS AGO: In My Kitchen, October 2013

TEN YEARS AGO: Crimson and Cream Turkey Chili

ELEVEN YEARS AGO: Taking a break from the nano-kitchen

TWELVE YEARS AGO: Chocolate Chip Cookies


  1. Hi Sally,
    Each are memorable, poignant reminders of the beauty of the Ukrainian people.

    I am wondering what cookie stamp you used for the eighth cookie? I love the amazing variety of designs here. And I think you now have to embrace the advanced piping expert title these days. With delicate lines, perfect Royal icing, creative embellishments, the days of beginner are gone, gone, gone.


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  2. Ukraine – no words needed but daily prayers said . . .
    Your cookies – not enough words of praise available for your endless imagination, ability and sense of beauty . . .
    Kudos, Milady . . .


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