It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I wrote my first post, unsure of where it would take me.  Since then, I’ve published 447 articles, and went from having a couple hundred page views per month to over 20 thousand!

If my life was a smooth, uneventful ride,  I would bake a cake for the occasion. A cake chosen from the several options suggested last year in the comments,  fingers crossed that it would be as gorgeous as this baby:

Instead of uneventful, our life seems to follow the script of North by Northwest. 😉 All kitchen stuff is now divided between two homes, we are surrounded by boxes, and constrained by deadlines. No cake this year, I’m afraid.  Instead, I celebrate by bringing you the first giveaway in the Bewitching Kitchen!

Leave a comment on this post from now until the end of June, and on July 1st I will draw the name of the lucky winner.  The prize?

A copy of   “The Brazilian Kitchen“,  a book I recently fell in love with and wrote a post about.  Everyone is welcome, from all over the planet, as long as the mail service can reach you!  😉

To all my readers, subscribers, followers, friends (in real life and those special friendships formed through the blogosphere) thank you for your support! And a special thank you to Fer, from Chucrute com Salsicha, who (maybe without ever being aware of it), was my main source of inspiration to become a food blogger.

I close this post sharing two photos from our new home: the view from our kitchen window, and a spot at the corner of our backyard.  Just a teaser,  we are not moved in yet, but sort of camped there for a couple of days last week. The two of us, a bed, a kitchen table. and the amazing performance of fireflies outside the window during the night…

ONE YEAR AGO:  The Bewitching Kitchen turns two!

TWO YEARS AGO:  Bewitching Birthday!

THREE YEARS AGO: Welcome to my blog!

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