Long name for a great side dish that might turn into a full meal if coupled with goodies such as barley, couscous, quinoa, or a nice helping of soft-cooked polenta…  Once more the inspiration to make this recipe came from Fer’s site, Chucrute com Salsicha. She always shares interesting recipes that take ingredients through some unusual path.  I love it!

(adapted from Chucrute com Salsicha,  originally published in The Kitchn)

8 ounces Brussels sprouts, trimmed and halved lengthwise
1 medium sweet potato, peeled, cut in 1/2-inch cubes
1 medium head of cauliflower, cut into bite-size pieces
1 tablespoon olive oil (I needed to use a little more)
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons lime juice
2 teaspoons yellow miso paste
2 tablespoons walnut oil
Black pepper

Preheat oven to 400°F.

Place sweet potato and cauliflower pieces on a large bowl. Place Brussels sprouts in a separate bowl. Drizzle all veggies with olive oil,  sprinkle with salt and toss to thoroughly coat. Add the sweet potato and cauliflower to a baking sheet and roast, moving them every once in a while.  Total roasting time for sweet potato and cauliflower will be about 25 minutes.  After they have been in the oven for 10 minutes, add the Brussels sprouts.

Meanwhile, in a small bowl whisk together the lime juice and miso paste until smooth. Slowly drizzle in the walnut oil, whisking constantly, until thoroughly combined.

Place the roasted vegetables in a large bowl, pour in the dressing and toss to coat. Adjust seasoning. Serve warm or at room temperature.


to print the recipe, click here

Comments: If you visit TheKitchn for the original recipe, you will notice they recommend using three baking trays, but Fer, in her version, simplified quite a bit, and I did the same.  One large baking sheet was more than enough to handle all the veggies, just add them in the order they cook, Brussels sprouts going last.  Other than that, the recipe was followed closely enough.


Miso and lime might become my favorite flavor combo for this year, the miso is sweet and funky, the lime is the life of the party, and if you ask me, a mandatory guest when Brussels sprouts are around.  Fer served her veggies with barley, I went with Israeli couscous.  But being the omnivores we are, this super delicious side dish was paired with (vegetarians, close your eyes now) grilled flank steak.  A great dinner! Leftovers were amazing for lunch next day, by the way.


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  1. Delicious looking dish. I’ve never used walnut oil so I’m especially curious as to its flavour contribution to the dish. I’ll probably have to use sesame oil though as I’m still on my pantry clearing roll and new additions are not allowed. 🙂


    • You are a brave woman! I confess to losing the battle with the pantry clearing, but… I try! Sesame oil can be pretty strong, I would probably use less than the walnut, unless you are a huge fan of its taste. I tend to find it a little overpowering at times…


  2. I really need to give brussel sprouts another chance. I keep seeing appealing recipes for the little things. Perhaps it’s time I make peace with another long-feared vegetable. 😉


    • You do need to make peace with it. 😉 Or at least try… now, maybe the roasted version could be still a bit too strong tasting for you. I advise you to slice it very thinly, in tiny ribbons, and then stir fry with a ton of lemon. tasty, tasty tasty… I wonder if I ever blogged on it… gotta check (that’s the problem with blogging for too long AND getting a bit too old at the same time… memory fails….. sigh, sigh, sigh)


  3. I have been dying to make a miso dish, and you may have finally inspired me to give it a try!! This sounds so unusual and yummy! Plus the dressing would go well on… well… just about anything!! I have to bookmark this and can’t wait to try!


  4. Roasting improves the flavor of any vegetable, in my book. I’d roast them all together. too. If a few bits are a little crunchy, all the better. Your miso dressing would be wonderful here, too, Sally. Together, they make one great side and add such a bright spot to your dinner table.


  5. I believe I have a bottle of walnut oil here:) I love that miso is appearing in so many different recipes now, it must be a top flavor for 2014. I love a large roasting pan filled with veggies, my family does as well:) We’re roasting just about every veggie these days, it’s been ages since I steamed anything.. everything just tastes so much better roasted, doesn’t it?? xx


    • No, no, no!!!!! Enjoy your Summer to the fullest! This can wait.. really, this can wait…

      I arrived early in the lab today, and just as I walked from the parking lot to the building, this huge blast of hail greeted me. I was not happy. And that, is putting it very very mildly (sigh)


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