P&SVAL~1Paris, Valentine’s Day 2003… Restaurant Vin Sur Vin, unforgettable evening….


I  hope that you will have a wonderful evening, no matter your take on Valentine’s Day.   We are not in Paris, but we will dream about being there… and act accordingly   😉


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19 thoughts on “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

    • Well, I can now say that thanks to your AMAZING skill at wood working, my gifts to Phil hit the jackpot… I hope my readers will click on your name and marvel at your website! Stay tuned for March… (wink wink)


  1. What an elegant photograph! The golden ochre banquette just radiates joy. Was it taken by your waiter ?
    The lucky lentils on the table are interesting to see in Paris. Scattering lentils on a dining table, is a superstition I associate with Italy not France. Could those flowers possibly be real (living) ? Well, the lentils have certainly worked for you and Phil!
    Thanks for sharing,


    • I love, love, love this photo! It turns out we both had a haircut that day, I remember so well, we both wanted to make that V-day special, because we were about to go back to the US at the end of our sabbatical… Yes, the waiter took the picture, real camera, we dd not have a fancy cell phone at the time. And yes, the flowers were real. A quiet, elegant, very special restaurant not too far from where we were living.


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