The last Monday of the month is the much awaited Reveal Day for Group D of The Secret Recipe Club!  For those who don’t know about it,  The Secret Recipe is an event in which food bloggers from the same group are paired (in secret), and have about 3 weeks to choose a recipe from their assigned blog, cook it, and compose a blog.  Everyone publishes their post on reveal day at the exact same time. How cool is that?  If you want to become a member (beware, there is a waiting list), visit the site and get in touch with Amanda, the founder of this fun group.

For my sixth participation at the SRC I was paired with “The More than Occasional Baker”,  a virtual spot hosted by a very accomplished baker from London.   She defines herself as a “baking addict”, and as I browsed through her blog, it was clear she was not kidding!  What is a poor cake-o-phobe blogger to do when faced with such a Herculean task?  Knowing my limitations, I searched for something that wouldn’t involve creaming butter with sugar, preparing an Italian meringue, or handling icing bags.  Suddenly, three beautiful words comforted my soul:  triple chocolate brownies.   Anything with triple chocolate makes me go weak in the  knees, and I am quite fond of brownies because for the most part they are fuss-free.   Plus, once I read her post about the recipe,  I wanted to stop everything and go buy  the three kinds of chocolate (and a little extra of the white, just because… 😉 )

(from The More than Occasional Baker)

200g bittersweet chocolate (1 cup)
50g milk chocolate (1/4 cup)
225g butter (1 cup  or 2 sticks)
4 eggs
325g unrefined golden caster sugar (I used light brown sugar) (1 + 1/2 cups)
0.5 tbsp  vanilla essence
200g white chocolate (1 cup)
150g plain flour, sifted (1 + 1/2 cup)
pinch of salt

Heat the oven to 360 F (180 C).  Line a baking dish (11in x 7in x 2.5 in) with parchment paper.  Break the bittersweet and milk chocolate into pieces, and melt in the microwave with the butter.  Let the mixture cool slightly.
Chop the white chocolate not too finely. Reserve.
In a separate bowl, beat the eggs, sugar, and vanilla. Whisk this mixture in the cooled chocolate/butter, then fold the flour, the salt, and finally the chunks of white chocolate.
Pour the mixture in the prepared baking dish, place in the oven and bake for 35 to 40 minutes, until the top is dry and cracked, and the center still moist when tested with a toothpick.
Remove from the oven, cool over a rack, and when the brownie is at room temperature, remove from the pan and cut in squares.

to print the recipe, click here

Comments:  If you are not too fond of white chocolate, MAKE THESE BROWNIES ANYWAY.  They are amazing!  We took them to the lab to celebrate one of our students passing his qualifying exam, and they disappeared in a few minutes!  The crumbs left on the serving plate were fought over with  considerable enthusiasm by two members of our group, normally quite well-mannered.

They are fudgy, dense, moist, sweet, decadent, with a nice crunchy surface that provides a perfect contrast with the creamy center.    The white chocolate, kept in chunks, is a superb touch, don’t skip it. I didn’t add nuts (macadamia would be the number 1 choice), because one of our students is allergic to them.

I couldn’t be happier with this month’s adventure!  Stop by “The More than Occasional Baker” to see all the goodies she makes on a regular basis.  Maybe I should become a more regular baker myself  😉

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    • You know, for some reason I don’t consider bread baking the same as “baking” – go figure. Cakes fascinate me in a strange way, as I am absolutely scared of them.


  1. I’m so glad you picked this recipe as it’s one of my favourites. It will definitely earn you brownie points 🙂 Your brownies turned out beautifully, I think you are under-selling yourself – you are an amazing baker!


    • These brownies were spectacular! I am very glad I picked that recipe, although I had the “pistachio madeleines” on my list – I had trouble finding pistachios unsalted, and decided to go with the brownies….


    • That crackled part on top, if I was not the classy person I am, I would peel off and munch on, standing up next to the kitchen island, no need for a plate or a fork. That’s for sissies. I would go for the kill.

      but, I am very classy, as you may have noticed… 😉


  2. I’m visiting from Group D, and love what you did this month! Beautiful (AND delicious, I’m sure)! Triple chocolate? I’m there.


  3. I made brownies this week too (and you know how I feel about chocolate). 😉 These look really darn decadent though and I think would probably top the ones I threw together. I’ll have to run these by Mr. N too. He’s trying to pick his birthday treat for next month. 🙂


    • Bread baking is intimidating, but so much fun! THere’s nothing I like better than baking bread. It’s a good thing I have a full time job, so bread baking is reserved for the weekend. Otherwise, I would have to go back to long distance running!


    • I like them the way they were. “Some people” insist that brownies should always have a few nuts inside, but… that’s debatable. White chocolate chunks win the competition for me.


  4. Chocolate brownies are enough to make me swoon…but TRIPLE chocolate brownies?? Your description and pictures are enough to make me go ga-ga! Definitely on my to-do-list! 🙂


  5. As far as this fellow chocoholic is concerned, you can never have too much chocolate. Quadruple chocolate, anyone? 🙂


  6. You know I could never pass up a chocolate recipe Sally… but triple chocolate?!! WOW les amies. I especially like the looks of the crackled surface in your last photo – I know all about that crispy, chewy texture… salivating! :).


  7. I just found Bewitching Kitchen by serendipitous default while searching for another recipe; I’m thrilled to be here. Amazing site and recipes.

    Help … can anyone help convert this Triple Chocolate Brownies recipe. I’ve been to several ‘conversion’ sites and come up with totally different measurements according to each. I want to make these brownies but don’t want to make a mistake in measurements with this one, especially with the price of gourmet chocolate. Sorry to be so metric challenged!

    Pretty please!


    • Hello there! well, I will do the conversion for you using my most trusted sites, and hope to get a version up in the blog sometime this weekend, ok?

      stay tuned!


    • There you go…. edited the PDF too, so you can download if you want

      If you ever find a recipe in the internet that uses metric, this site is very good, as it takes in account which food item you are trying to convert. As I just edited the post today, I won’t be able to test it with the amounts in volume, but I hope they are accurate enough!


  8. Hi Sally~

    I appreciate you posting the conversion equivalents and referral site.

    Thanks to you, my very lengthy ‘to do’ list has just been updated and reordered . . . triple chocolate brownies, post-haste!

    You’re the best!


    • Glad you saw it, I considered dropping you an email, but thought it would be too intrusive – not sure what’s the proper etiquette, as WordPress does disclose the email to the host of the site. Anyway, glad you came back for it, and I didn’t have to debate with myself what to do 😉


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