As I told you before,  I  keep my annual records of exercise, with the goal of each month exercising more than 50% of the days.   Until now, my records had a boring look…

But, 2012 arrived with new ideas! My stepson Casey developed a cool halftone calendar that comes with empty circles, and each day you fill a circle with a black pen (a Sharpie marker works fine).  On his site he offers quite a few options of images, for instance this Mona Lisa version, shown in the photo of his partner, actress extraordinaire Carly.

It took me only a few seconds to choose my image: Audrey Hepburn, with her unique aura of charm and beauty.  You can see all available images for a calendar or poster here.   Audrey’s image is in the bottom row, “Icons”.

Casey also made it possible to design your own calendar, from a photo stored on your computer. Just follow the instructions on his site, and you can get a unique product for you or a special friend.

So, where does the fitness fit in?

I will use my halftone calendar marking the days I exercise with a dark black dot, and leaving the other days blank.   At the end of the year, I’ll take a photo of it. Hopefully I’ll have exercised often enough to see a distinct image.   But, one could use it for all sorts of activities:  do you want to skip drinking a few nights of the week?  Mark the alcohol-free evenings!  Study that foreign language you love so much?   Meditate?  Or, forget about keeping score, just pick an image you love, and have fun watching it form, one day, one dot at a time!

ONE YEAR AGO: A soup for what ails you

TWO YEARS AGO: Let it snow, let it snow, eggs in snow (a favorite dessert of ours!)

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  1. Sally, I don’t comment very often, but I must say you have influenced me so much with two things: bread baking and your commitment to fitness. Your calendar idea is so simple and I just started doing the same. I see that you sometimes exercised maybe 25 days out of a month! That is so impressive!

    I am going to get there, it is in fact one of my resolutions for this year. Have to thank you for the inspiration.


    • I guess different people need different types of motivation. Some people need friends to workout with – I’ve always been a loner, but find ways to have fun with my routines. The monthly goal of “more than 50%” keeps me going, and the dot calendar made it more fun.


    • Those were killer eyebrows indeed! I will definitely show my calendar on the last day of 2012…. until then, I must pump up my exercises 😉
      (having pulled a muscle on my neck due to excessive enthusiasm during a P90X2 session is not helping…. )


  2. First you tease us with the best good (literally) looking food possible….than you display your scientifically plotted exercise records…. My new year’s resolution is to be able to access bewitching kitchen without feeling the most useless creature on earth…. 😉


    • HA! That is a good one, dear….

      for those who maybe don’t know my dear Gabi, her top notch fitness has been my inspiration since I was 21 years old, and we would go together to a gym. Gabi with her AMAZING upper body strength would kick my butt in those torture machines…and the woman has kept in shape for all these years, and still inspires me!


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