I am thrilled to invite you to read my first post as a guest blogger over at Feastie.com!

Jessica contacted me and told me I could write a blog on any type of recipe, which immediately launched me into a hyperventilation fit.  Since one of the things that calms me down is bread baking, I opted for a sourdough.  Easy decision. Which bread to make was a lot more complicated, as at any given time I might have 20 breads on my  “to bake soon” list.   😉

I chose a sourdough boule that would be appropriate for a feast!   Curious?  Click here for the article and the recipe…

This bread will be submitted to Susan’s Yeastspotting event, my first submission of 2012!

Jessica (and Valerie), thanks so much for the opportunity to contribute to your site!

Just a sunset…. a Maui sunset…