We are home!  No matter how great a trip is, coming back home is the best part, although I must admit the first day feels a bit like a mild hangover.  But, the blogging year could not start on a better note: just before we left for our (wonderful) trip,  Sharyn, from The Kale Chronicles presented me with  The Versatile Blogger Award!   Who doesn’t like a little praise every once in a while?  Feels good…

Part  of the deal of the Versatile Blogger Award is to say 7 things about yourself, so here it goes:

1. I was a premature baby, stayed in the hospital for 40 days inside an incubator, but for the first few days they kept me together with a Chinese-Brazilian baby, so that his body heat would keep me warmer.  I’ve always wondered who this baby was, and where he is now, as in some way he helped me survive.  Could that explain my passion for all things Chinese? 🙂

2. Every year I buy one of these calendars and use it to log my exercises. I’ve kept my exercise records since January 1998, and each month for the past 15 years I strive to exercise more than 50% of the days.

3. I am a compulsive list-maker, not only because they make me more efficient, but because I have a thrill when all  items are checked-off.

4. I love to dance, and we started 2012 dancing our hearts out at a party in Maui.  Phil is the first partner I have who also likes to dance, until dating him, I was always by myself on the dance floor.

5.  My favorite animal is the elephant.   They are amazing creatures.

6.  My weaknesses:  cookbooks, earrings, and black dresses.   Cannot seem to have enough of them.

7.  I am the personification of a  honey badger in the golf course. All it takes is two bad shots in a row.  Corollarium: Phil is a saint.

The award also requires that you nominate 15 other bloggers…  Well, I am bailing out of that part, and instead I invite any blogger who would like to reveal 7 things about him/herself, to do so.

Thanks, Sharyn!  It was fun to think about what to “reveal”  here…  😉

42 thoughts on “MY FIRST AWARD!

  1. So great to see you back! And what a nice post to start the year! Congratulations, by the way!

    loved number 1, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could track that person and meet him? Someone should make a movie out of it!

    I love elephants too, had to smile when I read that part. And number 7 is too good

    Happy New Year, Sally, I look forward to one more year of Bewitching Kitchen


  2. Congratulations! And Happy New Year.

    You are the personification of a “honey badger”? As in “honey badger don’t give a shit!”? Or you get angry and mean on the course?


    • Angry and mean don’t even come close to defining me.
      I develop the vocabulary of a sailor after the 9th tequila shot, and that is just the verbal part. Keep in mind that before I play, I go through a long, calm conversation with myself, so that I enter the course with a Zen attitude, and usually can keep my cool the first time disaster strikes. But the longer I keep my cool, the worst is the explosion when it happens. And, yeah, it happens every single time, my poor husband should be canonized.

      In San Diego on Monday, I took a 13 on a “certain hole” in Torrey Pines. Thanks to a bunker. If I had not picked up my ball, I would still be there, covering the green with sand.
      (sigh, sigh, sigh)


  3. Welcome home Sally ~ I’m so with you… there’s no place like home…

    Congratulations on your award and how interesting about your personal warming blanket… what a beautiful story that is! Love the Jack Russell calendar… too cute!! A honey badger on the golf course… really, sweet you? hee-hee… love it! 😉


  4. Congratulations on the award. It was your time. 🙂

    I laughed when I read about your black dress obsession. I have one black dress and wear it to everything. Last time I went to a gala ball with my SIL, I tried on 4 different dresses and then wore it again, cause I love it so much. 🙂


  5. Congratulations! I loved reading the 7 things about you. I too would be curious about the little boy who kept you warm! I share in your calendar and list writing “obsessions”. Happy New Year! 🙂


    • AMAZING! What a coincidence! I need to ask my Mom my weight when I was born. Back home we use kg instead of pounds, I know it was a little over 2kg, but I lost some weight after birth. Indeed, the incubator made what we are today…. nice way to put it!


    • My Dad, who would be the record keeper of everything (I got that from him…) passed away, but I doubt he had that info. I know the hospital still exists, and sometimes when I am in Sao Paulo I wonder if I should go there and check their records. But it’s one of those things I am very hesitant about, not sure why. Some things might be better left in the imaginary world. I am just not sure…


  6. Congrats on your first award and so nice to learn more about you. From one list maker to another, we’d be good friends! I need to check out your excerise log- I love that you’ve kept so many years!!


    • Dear List Maker Friend:
      lists are great, let’s never stop!

      I am never discarding my exercise logs – while training for half or full marathons I kept the distance and time of each run, wrote down injuries, recovery time, sometimes it’s nice to go back and take a look at it. But the main reason I keep the log going, is to do the “over 50% days with exercise”. I do it on a weekly basis, and add the numbers at the end of each month. It works very well for me.


  7. Congratulations Sally! Well-deserved. 🙂 I don’t even know where to start…the first point is so touching. Mr. N was a preemie – 28 days in the NICU. I have a seriously soft spot for preemie stories. 🙂 I too track my exercise. I started a few years ago. And as for lists…love them! Couldn’t live without them. 🙂 And I think it’s so romantic that you and Phil love to dance together. I’m still usually out there by myself…at least now I have two little dance partners. Great read!


    • Quite a few preemies around… 😉
      Yes, I love the fact Phil is a dancer, in fact we took some ballroom dance classes together, but for one reason or another never stuck with it. I’d love to learn the tango, the sexiest dance in the world, and probably one of the most difficult to master. It would be fun to try it, though…


  8. Congratulations, Sally! Well deserved award and not before time, either. It’s good to have you home, but you and Phil had a wonderful vacation. Everything was great if one refuses to count the golf. Hee.


    • I don’t remember a single weekend without my list of “Things to Do”
      I usually start making my weekend list on Thursday, using paper discarded from the printer in the lab. YOu know, there’s always a ton of waste of paper around printers, I rescue those for this noble use 😉


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  10. woot woot for pre-mies! I was one also. Good stuff. My mom always talks about how I had to sit under a blue light for the first few weeks of my life.

    And I have a cookbook addiction also. NOt such a bad thing, if you ask me (but not my credit card bill).


  11. You definitely deserve an award for versatility. BTW, I like giraffes. I find them graceful and gentle (or at least they seem gentle – I’ve never actually handled one).


  12. Congrats on your award. I also love your dedication to your workout program. I have logged my running miles in before but got out of the practice. I need to do that again, it’s such a motivation. List making makes me more productive, as I’m sure it does you.


    • I miss my running days. A lot. Wish I could still do it. Even though I am very committed and love all the P90X training, in part because it is so varied and challenging, the thrill of going out for a long run is impossible to mimic in any other activity. Oh, well – we dance according to the music…


    • I used to go for 3X per week when I was younger – a lot younger… 🙂

      but after reaching 40, I felt it was not enough. I imagine that at some point I’ll be forced to slow down, but as I like to say, I don’t lose the battle without putting up a good fight! 😉


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