I am thrilled to invite you to read my first post as a guest blogger over at Feastie.com!

Jessica contacted me and told me I could write a blog on any type of recipe, which immediately launched me into a hyperventilation fit.  Since one of the things that calms me down is bread baking, I opted for a sourdough.  Easy decision. Which bread to make was a lot more complicated, as at any given time I might have 20 breads on my  “to bake soon” list.   😉

I chose a sourdough boule that would be appropriate for a feast!   Curious?  Click here for the article and the recipe…

This bread will be submitted to Susan’s Yeastspotting event, my first submission of 2012!

Jessica (and Valerie), thanks so much for the opportunity to contribute to your site!

Just a sunset…. a Maui sunset… 

15 thoughts on “A GUEST BLOG FEAST!

  1. Sally, you did a fabulous job as guest poster!! and cubes of cheese in this bread..oh my… sounds so delicious! The crust browned and crisped so nicely, while the texture looks perfectly light. I’d love to be having some of that bread, warm from the oven!


  2. Thank you, Sally, for your great post! We’re excited to have you as a guest blogger at Feastie, and to introduce bread baking to our blog readers. Your sourdough looks amazing – cheese+bread=win.


  3. Sally, I’m so happy you made (and posted) this bread! I always find inspiration in hamelman’s book but I never tried this recipe.
    Your bread looks delicious. the crust is fantastic, I can feel its texture from the pictures and the melted cheese begs for a glass of wine.
    Everything tastes better when sourdough is involved 🙂
    A very good choice for a feast.
    Have you ever tried to leave out the yeast from the formula? Hamelman uses many times sourdough and yeast, but I found out (with the help of TFL forum, and with my own experiments) that his recipes works very well without yeast, if you adapt the fermentation time. I’m just saying…
    Happy baking this year! Many sourdough breads to sing from your oven!


    • Gosh, I could swear I replied to your comment when I first saw it…. shame on me!

      You know, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to omitting the commercial yeast – I know it can be done, I know it doesn’t hurt if you adapt the rising time and your starter is very active, but I always end up adding the yeast if the recipe calls for it.

      I should follow your footsteps on this…


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