After a flight of less than 5 hours from San Diego, we took our first peek at  Maui,  an island that’s much less developed than Oahu, …which is a good thing for a tropical paradise…  The pilot made some sadistic turns banking sharply left and right, but the views were spectacular.

We drove straight to Kapalua at the northwestern part of the island,  and installed ourselves in a little cottage on the Kapalua Bay Golf Course, with a great view from our balcony and a pretty cozy and functional kitchen (to make any food blogger happy!).

Speaking of food, we ate exclusively fish and seafood during our stay, mostly sushi and sashimi, which were spectacular, as expected…

We took hikes together, enjoying magnificent views…
…and saw  a woman doing yoga poses facing the ocean, in almost complete solitude at this magical place called Dragon’s Teeth.

We laid down by these palm trees sunbathing for a long time (don’t tell our dermatologist!), letting our thoughts go wherever they chose to go…

We played a lot of golf on the Kapalua Plantation course, where the PGA is currently playing the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.  It was so tough that that it brought the best in Phil and the worst in me… but that is another story, that shall be told another time… 😉

Notice his golf ball zipping through…. pretty cool!

We’ve traveled together to many places, but more often than not, our travels are linked to work.  This was a strictly fun trip to celebrate Phil’s birthday,and the beginning of 2012.   The year could not have started on a better note!


ONE YEAR AGO:  The Getty Museum

TWO YEARS AGO: Crowd Pleasing Pulled Pork

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26 thoughts on “MAUI ADVENTURES

  1. Happy birthday to Phil! What a wonderful trip. You have me even more excited for our trip now…and I hope I can steal away for a few moments for yoga by the ocean! How incredible! And the sushi looks amazing. Really. Now you have me craving it (okay, I’m always craving it!). 🙂 I’m so glad you had a chance to get away and enjoy some quiet time, just the two of you. Fantastic!


    • yes, that yoga by the ocean would be amazing! I decided to sit down on a rock nearby and at least do some “looking inside”, with the noise of the ocean to inspire me. Left the camera behind. Left everything behind.


  2. Sally, looking at the pictures of you and Phil together at the beach, the last profession I would pick would be scientists! You look like a couple of movie stars taking a break from HOllywood!

    is it all the happiness? all the exercise you guys do? whatever it is, keep doing what you are doing LOL

    great post!


  3. Oh my goodness, what a post Sally! You’ve got me craving the sun n’ surf – lifestyle-wise and food-wise! Isn’t it amazing how well you can eat in these warm destinations… I think that was the biggest surprise for me when we travelled to Mexico last winter – we mostly lived off fish (and fish friends), avocado and fresh exotic fruit. I did not have one ounce of cheese over the 7 day period which I’m not sure has ever happened before ;). What a fantastic holiday and start to the new year Sally… and, looking GOOD on the golf course and the beach 🙂


    • COme to think of it, we did not have any cheese during the trip. Not intentionally, it simply didn’t happen.
      We eat a healthy diet most of the time anyway, but there’s something about sticking to seafood that makes it feel even healthier.


  4. What a wonderful vacation! Sounds pretty perfect to me – eating lots of seafood, laying under palm trees and hiking is as good as it gets. We never stayed in Kapalua, but would visit during our trips – so beautiful and quiet and private. I’m so glad you had a wonderful trip! And envious, too. 🙂


    • It reminded me of the North shore of Oahu, but better, because it’s much less crowded and developed. For a trip with Phil’s sons, I suppose Oahu would be better, but for a honeymoon kind of trip, Maui won the jackpot…. just awesome!


    • Greg, I had to ask Phil the meaning of “Mum’s the word” – I had never heard or read this expression, so you taught me something new! Cool…. 🙂

      Mum is the word….


    • Whaaaaaat? How about MY golf swing? Oh, the humanity…..


      No worries, Celia. You are absolutely right, the guy has an amazingly beautiful and smooth, and picture perfect swing, and hits the ball a lot farther than guys half his age. Literally. He is a great golfer, I never get tired of watching him play. Now, if observing would lead to mimicking, things could work a lot better for Sally.


  5. You and Phi had a wonderful visit to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thanks for the pictures; I look forward to seeing more, and hope you can get back there for an even longer visit someday.


  6. Sally, I love seeing you so happy and beautiul! You and Phil make a lovely couple, and both of you have the relaxed atitude of two gorgeous movie stars. The picture with phil playing golf is awesome. Maybe you don’t play golf well, but you sure make the most amazing photos ♥♥♥
    Sashimi, swimming, dancing and spectacular views! and that dream kitchen…!!! wonderful holiday!
    many more to come, this year looks so promising, I can tell!


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