When we left last week I didn’t anticipate that those six days ahead would pack so much activity! Our talks and meetings at the university could not have been any better. The organizer of my seminar  surprised me by inviting former colleagues and friends I had not seen in a decade or more, so the event was very special.  Phil’s seminar was superb (as usual ;-)). Together our talks covered two of the three lines of research we work on at the moment.  The weather was pretty bad – typical beginning of Fall in the tropics – and the traffic in Sao Paulo something that is hard to describe, and much, much harder to cope with.  All my friends and family who live there and have to deal with it on a daily basis are heroes.

I will have to disappoint those expecting pictures or descriptions of restaurants and meals.  But, I promise to compensate in the near future by sharing with you recipes from a book I received as a gift  about the food of Sao Paulo,  as well as from a cooking magazine my sister introduced me to while we were there.   Stay tuned!  😉


For those interested in reading Brazilian cooking magazines online, a big thank you for my sister who sent me a great collection of links (the only one missing is Mais Sabor, that doesn’t have online access).



After a flight of less than 5 hours from San Diego, we took our first peek at  Maui,  an island that’s much less developed than Oahu, …which is a good thing for a tropical paradise…  The pilot made some sadistic turns banking sharply left and right, but the views were spectacular.

We drove straight to Kapalua at the northwestern part of the island,  and installed ourselves in a little cottage on the Kapalua Bay Golf Course, with a great view from our balcony and a pretty cozy and functional kitchen (to make any food blogger happy!).

Speaking of food, we ate exclusively fish and seafood during our stay, mostly sushi and sashimi, which were spectacular, as expected…

We took hikes together, enjoying magnificent views…
…and saw  a woman doing yoga poses facing the ocean, in almost complete solitude at this magical place called Dragon’s Teeth.

We laid down by these palm trees sunbathing for a long time (don’t tell our dermatologist!), letting our thoughts go wherever they chose to go…

We played a lot of golf on the Kapalua Plantation course, where the PGA is currently playing the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.  It was so tough that that it brought the best in Phil and the worst in me… but that is another story, that shall be told another time… 😉

Notice his golf ball zipping through…. pretty cool!

We’ve traveled together to many places, but more often than not, our travels are linked to work.  This was a strictly fun trip to celebrate Phil’s birthday,and the beginning of 2012.   The year could not have started on a better note!


ONE YEAR AGO:  The Getty Museum

TWO YEARS AGO: Crowd Pleasing Pulled Pork

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