One of the blogs I visit all the time is Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, hosted by Celia, a mother of two boys living in a wonderful spot in Australia, where she and her husband maintain a garden that provides almost all the vegetables they consume, raise chickens, and in her time off, she does trivial stuff like baking all the bread they consume,  making cakes and tempering chocolate.  Talk about impressive!  Her blog is always a joy to read, and I particularly look forward to her posts under the category  “In My Kitchen.”   Check  them out here.

Today I join her by sharing with you  some of the highlights in my kitchen these days.

In my kitchen….
A brand new arrival!  A Cuisinart ice cream machine, red, sexy, gorgeous… which was put to test with a chocolate sorbet, a favorite of my husband, who used to order it often at Sweet Harts, in Los Angeles.  The enabler for this purchase was another favorite blogger of mine, Fer, from “Chucrute com Salsicha.”  She always makes amazing concoctions with her ice cream machine, and I could not resist getting one myself.

Here it is, hard at work, it’s fun to watch the ice cream starting to form in front of your eyes

In  my kitchen… serendipity…
When we lived in L.A., I used to visit an amazing Anthropologie store in Beverly Hills, and drool over their clothes and kitchen stuff.  This set of plates caught my attention then, but the price tag left me cold, so I did not buy them.   A couple of weeks ago, I logged into ebay and just for fun did a search for Anthropologie & plates.   I felt a shiver up and down my spine (the good kind of shiver) when these plates were the third item, no bids, a couple of hours to go, great price… don’t you love when things work so well?  😉

In my kitchen…
A beautiful bowl, with my favorite colors, that I found over at Etsy, in this store from Kim Berger.  Perfect to serve pasta, salads, stews, rice…

In my kitchen….  a little soba-obsession, maybe?   😉
I brought this “small sample” with us from L.A., from our favorite Japanese market.  The green ones are made with tea, and I must use them instead of guarding the packages like a terrier with his favorite toy.

In my kitchen….
Muffins or crumpets rings, could not resist bringing them home.  Wait for a post using them in the near future…   😉

In my kitchen….
Gorgeous beefsteak tomatoes, straight from our farmer’s market… juicy, heavy, superb!  I love Summer!

In my kitchen….
I am not spoiled,  I just happen to have three favorite toys… wanna play?

Heavenly Home-made Fromage Blanc

TWO YEARS AGO:  A Perfect Sunday Dinner

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