Photo courtesy of  PJG, thanks!

With this bread, I completed the BBA CHALLENGE!

For a PDF version, click here (breads are ranked from one to five stars)

A big thank you to Nicole for setting up this event, and of course to Peter Reinhart for his wonderful book.  I’ve had it many years, but never imagined that one day I’d say that “…I baked them all!”


This last bread took 3 days to prepare.  The sourdough sponge, made on the first day, was mixed and shaped on the second day, and  after a night in the fridge it was topped with roasted onions and grated asiago cheese, then finally baked.   I made a half  recipe, which was still  enough for one  big round loaf.

The onions can be prepared the day before…

and added to the bread 30 minutes before baking ….

The dough contains a lot of grated asiago cheese,  so each bite acquires its sharp flavor, mellowed  by the sweet roasted onions.   What a beautiful combination!

You can check the Roasted Onion Asiago bread made by Oggi (the first baker to complete BBA Challenge) by clicking here….

Our five favorite breads from the challenge were:
Potato, Cheddar, and Chive Torpedo
Roasted Onion and Asiago Miche
Vienna Bread
New York Deli Rye
Potato Rosemary Bread

To all my virtual fellow challengers baking along this tasty path, have fun with it.   I’ll be watching and cheering for you!  😉


  1. Awesome!! Congratulations! Your miche looks exactly like the one in the book.

    I think I’m going to cut the recipe in half, too. I just made the potato, cheddar & chive torpedoes, so I’m ready for this bread next.


  2. Well you went out with a bang! Congratulations on finishing. I love the slideshow of all your breads and the rating system. The Asiago Miche looks amazing. I’ll be waiting and watching to see what you’ll be up to next!


  3. Thanks, everyone!

    Feels great to be done with it, and two more friends finished yesterday, I will soon edit my post to include their links

    Marie Louise, so nice to see you here!

    Jean, I’ve been called many things, but hero is a first! 😉

    As to what’s next? I don’t know…. I’m traveling light, going with the flow, see what happens…


  4. If you are interested in quick breads, cakes, tortes, pies, etc., and are crazy enough to try another “Challenge”, I am going to start baking my way through “The Modern Baker” by Nick Malgieri after I finish with BBA. Drop me a line, and I’ll add you to the list (even if it’s just as a maybe).


  5. Sally, your blog is gorgeous, just like you!

    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog.

    I’m so impressed with your breads. 🙂 I’m loving the challenge Nicole set before us. I’ll be looking through your pages as I stumble my way into the next half of Peter’s book. I’m in the slow group, but enjoying myself, no matter. 😉

    (I found where you reside in Oklahoma. Our oldest daughter graduated from OSU. Years ago we lived in the Tulsa area. I LOVE Oklahoma!).


  6. @gaarp: I’ll be in touch, thanks for thinking of me (not quite sure thanks is in order… 🙂

    @lisa: I’d say go for it! If you need encouragement, I’ll give you gentle pushes all the way through 🙂

    @coffegrounded: you are too nice! Glad you are enjoying the challenge, it does have ups and downs….

    Hey, Jen! I showed your blog to one of our students, you and her have a lot in common, it’s too bad you live far away, but at least we had a few years of fun and science, science and fun together….


  7. Hi Sally,
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your bread baking adventures. Big congratulations on completing your book project and making your blog so lovely!

    (LOL, I’m still working on my book: deep-frying and sashimi to do: it is easy to wander off to other things that are not so frightening,)


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  9. Congratulations! It has been a joy baking with you and reading about your experiences with the breads. You have been one of my bread inspirations with your great photos and amazing breads. As to what’s next? I’ll just keep reading!


  10. I can’t believe I missed this post. Even though I’m pretty sure I’ve read it some time ago and just forgot to comment. Anyway, congratulations on finishing the challenge! Will you join us with the Mellow Baker or the Modern Baker Challenge? Would enjoy to continue baking with you. I also just finished the BBA challenge – YAY!


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