When we left last week I didn’t anticipate that those six days ahead would pack so much activity! Our talks and meetings at the university could not have been any better. The organizer of my seminar  surprised me by inviting former colleagues and friends I had not seen in a decade or more, so the event was very special.  Phil’s seminar was superb (as usual ;-)). Together our talks covered two of the three lines of research we work on at the moment.  The weather was pretty bad – typical beginning of Fall in the tropics – and the traffic in Sao Paulo something that is hard to describe, and much, much harder to cope with.  All my friends and family who live there and have to deal with it on a daily basis are heroes.

I will have to disappoint those expecting pictures or descriptions of restaurants and meals.  But, I promise to compensate in the near future by sharing with you recipes from a book I received as a gift  about the food of Sao Paulo,  as well as from a cooking magazine my sister introduced me to while we were there.   Stay tuned!  😉


For those interested in reading Brazilian cooking magazines online, a big thank you for my sister who sent me a great collection of links (the only one missing is Mais Sabor, that doesn’t have online access).

25 thoughts on “WE ARE HOME!

  1. Welcome home, Sally. I’m not surprised that you were so busy, nor that your seminars and meetings went well. I hope your dear family is fine but I’m glad to have you home. 🙂


    • My family is doing great, friends too. Sao Paulo is a very tricky place to live, though. I honestly don’t know what will happen with that place 5 or 10 years down the line.


  2. Very happy to learn that your trip went so well. I hope that I’ll be able to subscribe to the cooking magazine. I’m learning everything Brazilian, because of my fantastic “Brazilian Connection”.
    You look cute in your beanie.


  3. Welcome back Sally! Weather (and traffic) aside, it sounds like your visit and work could not have gone any better. The dynamic lab duo strike again! :). Isn’t it the best returning to the warmth and comfort of our furry friends… love the photo Sally. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us from your new cook book; I’m intrigued!


    • Great to be back! Traffic was just a major pain, nothing compares to it, not Los Angeles, not Athens (to name two places I struggled in). 😉 But you are right, the trip was great and coming back to our furry friends a heart-melting experience….


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