Today is the First Monday of the month, so it’s time to showcase my favorite post of March. You would think that I would share a recipe, but not this time. My favorite post of last month focused on fitness, my review of Jessica Smith’s program Walk Strong 6-week Total Transformation System. How could I not pick that post? A post that included a graphic that took me twenty years to compose must make it to the top of my personal list.

So here it is, in case you’ve missed it


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First Monday of the month, and it’s time to share with you my favorite recipe from January. It was fun to look back at the month and realize there were so many great things happening in the Bewitching Kitchen. I had a tough time picking my favorite, but here it goes, The Carioca Cake! How could I not pick that one? One of the most stressful adventures I faced in the kitchen, but at least it had a happy ending…

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First Monday Favorites is the blog event started by Sid. Participants share their favorite recipe from the previous month. Not necessarily the most popular by views or comments, but our own favorite. Click on the link below to see everyone else’s favorite recipe. And, if you’d like to participate, visit Sid’s website and drop her a line, we firmly believe that the more, the merrier!





For many years I was a member of The Secret Recipe Club, and of course we all miss the excitement of posting our chosen recipe on the first Monday of the month.  After the club ended, Sid came up with a nice idea: we would post our favorite recipe from the previous month. Not necessarily the most popular by views or comments, but our own favorite. So here I am to reveal my personal winner for December.  Pistachio Creme Brûllée.  I simply loved everything about this one!  Yes, it calls for an ingredient that is not that easy to find (pistachio paste), but sometimes we need to fight through clouds to see the bright sun behind it.

Sid opened the collection with her own favorite, a Gingered Cranberry Chutney Compote… mouth-watering!


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