A while ago I was invited to write a guest post over at Feastie, and I chose a sourdough bread for the occasion.  To my delight, I recently got a second invitation to do a guest feature.  My Mom has always told me that if you are invited twice to go to someone’s house, it must mean they like you, so I hope it works the same for food blogging!  😉  Jessica asked me to blog on any type of meat recipe.  We are meat lovers here, so that was not a problem.   But I don’t face any challenge without some hyperventilation (and a little drama), so my poor husband had to endure me walking in circles around the kitchen, talking to myself, talking to the dogs, trying to pick the perfect recipe. That odd behavior lasted for about a week. It can be unsettling after a while.  My Mom got it right twice:  I married a saint.

So, if you are wondering what all my hyperventilation led to, jump right over to Feastie and find out!  Two words for you: pork and spinach.  Three: feta. Four: delicious!


If you are like me, and suffer from CRCD (Compulsive-Recipe-Collection-Disorder),  you probably use Google to find recipes in the blogosphere. Did you know that cooking recipes account for 1% of all online searches? That is pretty impressive!  It is not surprising that earlier this year Google came up with their own version of a search engine geared exclusively for recipes.  However, it has serious drawbacks, particularly from a food blogger’s perspective, as it favors “mega-sites” to show up on top of the search. If you are interested in learning more about it,  read the excellent article written by Lydia Walshin, a veteran food blogger, host of The Perfect Pantry and  Soup Chick.

Recently I was introduced to Feastie, a new search engine for recipes (with a nice blog associated with it), and was very pleased with it.  When you enter a keyword in their search box, the output is in a beautiful format, with photos of the recipes and links to the food blogs where they were found.  But, as a bonus, once you click on a particular recipe, you’ll also see all the ingredients required to make it, ready to take to the grocery store (you can even save it straight on your phone).  Another great feature added this past week: if you cook a recipe listed on the site, a simple click on a chef’s hat icon gets it added to your profile, so that you can retrieve it easily in future visits.   You can read more about it here.

Much to my delight, the recipes from Bewitching Kitchen are all indexed in Feastie, so if you’d like to see them in a format that is quite a bit better than my own index page, click here.  I had a small rush of adrenaline when I first saw it!

If you are a food blogger and would like to see your site listed on Feastie, drop them a line at   And no, I don’t work for them.  By now I guess it’s clear I only endorse what I’m really fond of.  From cookbooks, to gadgets, to cookbook authors (Dan Lepard comes to mind!  ;-))…