We are thrilled to introduce you to our new family member, Prince Freckles. Prince was born on June 12th, and joined our home 24 hours ago. Having a puppy is like falling in love with a special someone. Everything makes you smile, fills your heart with joy, and you cannot quite understand how you’ve lived your life without that being as part of it. We are absolutely smitten by this bundle of energy. His heart-shaped nose, his delicate black spots very similar to those of our dear BogeyQT. In less than 24 hours he learned to go down the two steps from kitchen to TV room, which scared him beyond belief at first. He almost did a full body flip the first time, and how we wish we had captured it on video! The images are already so many, as I type this post they fly through my mind and I cannot stop smiling. We needed him. And he is here. Welcome to the Bewitching Kitchen, Little Prince!

22 thoughts on “MEET THE PRINCE!

  1. Awww, what an ode to Bogey. I remember how he came to you and just quickly fit right in. RIP. Prince is a dear bundle of joy. He’s going to be a spectacular part of the family!


  2. So wonderfully happy for you . . . and him, ’cause he has found a family like no other to love and share. puppies grow quickly – so oft time updates please !!! Oh, dare I ask . . . what do his brothers think of all this excitement . . . ?


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