There is no easy way to break the news. Our beloved Bogey left us, to cross the Rainbow Bridge and join the many beings that live in our memories. I cannot quite describe the pain, how broken we are inside, but at least he is not suffering anymore, and will stay with us forever. Wagging his tail. Being mischievous. Being Bogey. Bogey Quit That.

(note added after publication: I normally try to answer every single comment left on my blog. I just cannot bring myself to do it for this post. I love each comment left, but it’s just too hard to address them at the present time)

January 4th, 2009 – April 20th, 2022

23 thoughts on “A MOST PAINFUL GOODBYE

  1. I’m heartbroken. He was — and remains — a special pup, filled with joy and exuberance and love. I am as “with you” as I can be on this painful day. So much love — jillie

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  2. I know it was your time to go . . . I know you will not hurt again . . . I know you’ll have a wonderful time up there . . . but I’ll be talking to you just before I go to sleep for many nights to come . . . we’ll miss’ya buddy . . .

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  3. I’m so sorry. I totally understand how you are feeling. Mine is about to have a heart scan next week. They are honestly like babies to us. Sending you the warmest hugs.

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  4. “Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” (Agnes Sligh Turnbull) I’ve enjoyed reading the of Bogey’s escapades almost as much as I enjoyed reading your foodie adventures. I’m very sorry for your loss. I remember how painful it was when our own Casey the WonderCorgi left us, and I can’t imagine it’s any easier for you. You have my very real sympathy.

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  5. I’m so sorry for your loss. With each dog I lost, it was harder. I don’t have dogs anymore, I just can’t do it. How sad. I’m glad for your memories. I am losing mine…

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  6. I am so sorry to read this. Hopefully he has crossed the rainbow bridge and is now surrounded by new furry friends, my Amanda and Boomer among them. Bogey, all the happy memories will bring comfort to your family. So sorry.

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  7. My sincere condolences. It’s never easy letting our furry babies go. We had to do the same for our precious cat Bitsy. We had 19 1/2 wonderful years with her. She gave us lots of love and snuggles, but her poor body could no longer keep her with us here on earth. We know she is with God and her brother waiting for us to join her. Sending prayers & virtual hugs.

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  8. Dear Sally,

    While I have been a faithful blog reader for years, I have never written to you till today. We lost our dog, Wolfgang, (WolfgangPup!) March 24th. He was 16 and while all my dogs have been special, he was “the BEST!). I am crying again as I read your post today. And yes, I truly feel your pain.

    Great pictures, and I will write again. I am a friend of Helen Fletcher’s who helped with her cookie book. I live in the Berkshires, in MA, and in NYC. Just know I am thinking of you.

    Regards, Janet (and Max)

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