For those who celebrate…

Vanilla Cupcakes with Mini-Chocolate Eggs

Meyer Lemon Sugar Cookies
(Flower Bunny design by Haniela)

Egg Nests Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Icing

Egg-Shaped Sugar and Chipotle-Chocolate Cookies

(Here Comes the Sun, design by @sugarbaked; Bunny with Mushrooms design by @montrealconfections)

6 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!

  1. Sally dearHeart – I do not celebrate but truly love each of your bunnies and each of those beautiful eggs ! And feel like sending my genie to beg, borrow or . . . one of those cupcakes ! May you and Phil have a wonderfully peaceful Sunday when it reaches you . . . and if those naughty boys have been forgiven , could that spotted ankle-biter get just a wee pat ?

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    • Well, Bogey started things with his growling, but Oscar’s teeth are the ones who left a mark on my ankle – healing very very slowly, unfortunately – still unable to wear shoes, still swollen, wounds still look pretty nasty. But such is life… that’s what I have right now… I am pretty happy with these bakes, they were all donated on Good Friday for the homeless meal, and I wanted to make it special, so all had a little Easter ‘feel” – I hope they enjoyed them.

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  2. Sally, you have become quite the artist extraordinaire! You obviously enjoy it and I am sure you brighten the day of all the lucky recipients of these treasures. I am always happy to see a new post in my inbox and see how you’ve outdone yourself yet again. Thanks for sharing! I just wish I could reach through my screen and help myself to some. : -)

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