Here we are, with the whole family enjoying a relaxing week in one of our favorite spots on Earth, the North Shore of Oahu.  I hope to have a new post coming up soon, for the time being life is busy in a deliciously unusual way….




ONE YEAR AGO: Baby Back Ribs with Tomatillo Glaze

TWO YEARS AGO: Ten Years Ago

THREE YEARS AGO: Someone Got a Summer Shave

FOUR YEARS AGO: Border Grill Margaritas


SIX YEARS AGO:  Vermont Sourdough

15 thoughts on “ALOHA!

    • I am already so tanned I don’t quite recognize me in the mirror – to think I have two more full days to bake in the sun… simply awesome! The weather has been perfect, rains at night, we sleep with the noise of the rain, morning the sun is out, with enough clouds and breeze to make it all easy on us. You know, paradise…


  1. That looks like so much fun. I remember when my husband and I visited Kauai, the best holiday ever. Please send some of your sun to us in South West France, it was severely lacking today!!!


    • We are thinking Kauai as our next visit – we’ve been to Maui, but everyone talks so much about Kauai… maybe in a year we could do it, for our next anniversary in March (hint, hint, hint to hubby)


    • It’s been great, Kelly… much needed break. Walking from the beach today Phil said that he has not relaxed like this in a looooong time. Sleeping well (him, not me), eating light, playing golf, running, braving the strong waves (him, not me… 😉


  2. More details on where you’re staying, if you can, Sally! We have never been to Hawaii but hope to go soon, and we’re researching where we should stay. Looks like you are all having a terrific time!


    • we are in the North shore, the city is Haleiwa, and this time we are right by Sunset Beach. about 45 min drive from Honolulu airport and 4 miles from Turtle Bay resort, great golf. last time we brought the crowd we syayed near Pipeline maybe 1.5 miles from where we are now. We use VRBO to find a place. Once we stayed at Turtle Bay, but it was just the two of us and it was our anniversary… So we splurged


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