You know how every single Paleo-lover food blogger goes on and on about the wonders of cashew cream and how it will replace melted cheese in a way you won’t believe until you try it?  Well, those statements always put me into eye-rolling mode. I cannot help but mentally associate cashew cream sauce with those gluten-free donuts that look like sawdust shaped into rounds and make me want to run away screaming.  Of course, I have the utmost respect for those with non-imaginary gluten allergies. But I doubt they would like those donuts. In some cases, if you cannot have the real thing, better skip it altogether.  But, back to the cashew cream.  I am here to say I was absolutely wrong in my assessment. The stuff is awesome. Awesome. I made it, and could not stop sampling a little teaspoon here and there, I drizzled it over everything. Then, when I considered dunking a chocolate cookie into it, Phil pointed out that maybe I was getting a bit carried away. Fine. My next batch will be divided in two, and one of them will have coconut sugar in it. Or maybe maple syrup. And I shall dunk a cookie into it. You better believe it. Whatever your take on Paleo nutrition, open your gastronomic horizons, and made this sauce.

Cashew Cream

(adapted from many sources)

1 cup raw cashews
1 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Place raw cashews in a bowl and add cold water to cover by 1 inch. Soak cashews at room temperate for 8  to 24 hours. Drain and rinse  very well.

Add drained nuts to a powerful blender with 3/4 cup cold water, the lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Process until very smooth, about 2 minutes, scraping down sides of bowl as needed. Adjust consistency with extra water if you like. Season with salt, pepper, and extra lemon juice to taste.  Sauce will keep in the fridge for a few days, and it can also be frozen.

ENJOY!  (I know you will…)

to print the recipe, click here

Comments: What can I say?  I regret it took me so long to finally try this recipe. If I have one criticism about it is that cashews can be pricey, but if that was not the case, I would make it regularly.  I can now understand why so many people make fake Alfredo sauce with it. You can find quite a few variations online, some add nutritional yeast to take it on a slightly more “cheesy” path, but I decided to keep it simple. Basically you must soak the cashews for a few hours, discard the water. Process with a slightly acidic ingredient, sometimes a little olive oil is also added, season with salt and you are done. Variations with sugar can be used to drizzle over fresh fruit, and I’m dying to try that soon. For the moment though, I leave you with a photo of a recent lunch which was enjoyed three days in a row. Ground chicken sautéed with mushrooms, green curry paste, garam masala, and ginger. Spooned over butter lettuce leaves. And topped with this magical sauce…

Lettuce Cups

 Cashew Cream Sauce…. It’s been a  pleasure to meet you! 

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36 thoughts on “CASHEW CREAM SAUCE

  1. Oh sugar! Oh yes please! No Paleo, no gluten-free for me ever but as an ‘ordinary’ recipe this isn’t even one bit ‘naughty’ even tho’ it does say ‘cream’!! OK, nuts have a lot of fat in them but are so necessary for you . . . and methinks I shall begin with that chicken recipe of yours which is right up my alley 🙂 ! [Sorry about mentioning sugar, but the ‘alternative was that three letter acronym which all of us are trying to avoid!.]


  2. why is it particularly good for you? is it more that it isn’t dairy? The soaking is to reduce the phytic acid or something isn’t it? I have a friend who makes lots of cashew curries and always soaks them but I have never really got into them in a big way, apart from roasted with lots of salt. For you I will try this though 🙂 🙂


    • Yes, the soaking takes care of phytic acid and apparently makes the cashews easier to digest, I guess some people might be overly sensitive to them? Although I often munch on raw cashews unsoaked and here I am, unharmed. Same is true for beloved hubby….

      actually, I just checked that thy phytates are supposed to sequester minerals – if you want to know what I think, the danger is overblown. Unless you are consuming an alarming amount of raw cashews on a daily basis, I would not worry too much. But, since the cashew cream is quite dense with nuts, I guess it doesn’t hurt to incorporate the soaking step.


      • Made it this evening with very well soaked nuts (ahem I forgot them, you know how forgetful I am) and splurged it over cold yoghurt roast chicken, potatoes and reheated naans – and B ate it with great happiness and with classic English understatement pronounced it ‘not bad at all !’👍👍😘


  3. OK, Sally. You’ve convinced me. I’m going to give almond butter and this cream sauce a try. No, it won’t replace anything but hopefully it will be a pleasant addition. I do so agree with your statement about doing without substitutes when one cannot have the real thing. For me, it’s better to do without than to have an also-ran and be reminded of how good the real thing actually is.


  4. Alrighty then, I’m with Julia, everything in moderation, including moderation! This does sound pretty tasty, and having it doesn’t mean you have to be 100% paleo, right? Please? Pretty please? I’m definitely going to give it a try my scientific friend! Love me some cashews.


    • I am never 100% anything! I do think moderation is key, maybe with the years passing by a bit more control is needed because excesses are harder to counteract, but so far I’ve been able to continue indulging in small things here and there.


  5. This sounds wonderful. I’ve been looking for an indian recipe for a cashew cream, onion sauce that I’ve had at an indian restaurant. I am going to play witht that today and hope I can come close with the flavors.


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