Almost six years of blogging, and I shared THREE drinks with you.  Three. That is an average of one drink post for every two years. Would that mean we are a boring couple as far as alcohol is concerned? Not quite the case. Phil enjoys a shot of tequila every once in a while, caipirinhas, good quality vodka on the rocks (he likes a brand called Chopin), and the eventual dry Martini. Shaken, not stirred. It turns out that “I” am the boring alcoholic component in our relationship, as 99% of the time I stick to white wine. But, even a boring person will occasionally go for a walk on the wild side. Take for instance these Margaritas, made with one of the sexiest fruits in the world: blood oranges. I love them. Now, keep in mind we made this drink quite sour, with no sugar added to it. Most people will prefer a little more sweetness, so adjust to your taste with simple syrup or a little agave, as suggested in the recipe.

Blood Orange Margaritas
(from the Bewitching Kitchen)

makes 1 drink

2 shots of blood orange juice
1.5 to 2 shots tequila of your choice
1 shot lime juice
1 shot Curaçao (or another orange liqueur)
1 drop vanilla extract (optional)
sugar to taste (simple syrup, agave) – we omitted

Mix all ingredients in a shaker. Pour over crushed ice.  Take a sip, and open a big smile!


to print the recipe, click here


Many (too many) years ago, I could enjoy a festive drink before dinner, then switch to a glass of wine or two with the  meal. No major harm done, life next day would be normal.  Not anymore. I do not dare mixing types of alcohol, not even those that are supposed to “work”. You know, the famous saying: Liquor before beer, never fear…  Not for me. I now have a huge respect for alcohol, as a hangover will knock me in horizontal position until 5pm next day. For the record, the last time I had a hangover was after a 4th of July party in 2010. No desire to face another one. So, I have this fascination for beautiful drinks, but rarely indulge. When I do, that becomes my drink for the evening, no wine with the meal.

These Margaritas were so refreshing and light!  We like our drinks very sour, in fact this time they were almost too sour for Phil’s taste, but I thought they were pretty good. You never know how red a blood orange will be until you cut it open, so there’s always some excitement associated with them.  Only one grocery store in town carries them, and it’s the one on the other side of town (you know, a 10 minute drive instead of 5). I bought a few with the intention of preparing a blood orange vinaigrette, perhaps a blood orange pound cake, but Phil came up with the idea of a colorful drink, and that was it.  With a Mexican-type dinner, it was a delightful evening. The vanilla addition was something I saw as a tip somewhere a while ago, wish I could give proper credit. Just a little drop, don’t go wild with it, or it might overpower your margarita.

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  1. These look fabulous! I loved your across town comment. We live way out in the country, and it takes 15 minutes to get into town, and about 25 to get to the other side of town!!!


  2. Sounds delicious to me. No sugar needed here either. I love sour margaritas! I just had my first margarita of the season last weekend – outside too! I’ll have to give your version a shot one of these days out on the patio. Aren’t you loving this warmer weather!


  3. I’m not much of a drinker and am more likely to buy a couple of cans or bottles of beer than a bottle of wine when I want something alcoholic, but the occasional cocktail is appreciated. Margaritas ARE something I’ve had fairly often, especially with a shot of Grand Marnier or, Cointreau, which is currently in the cabinet. 🙂 I love the colour of the blood orange juice.


    • I don’t drink beer, not even on a very hot day, which is odd, as Brazilians are known to love a very cold draft beer during the summer. I never cared for the taste of beer, only use it in cooking. Well, I take it back…. I had a period of enjoying Belgium beer, but between you and me, it had to do with a Belgium guy of my past…. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I have never used the “drop of vanilla” technique in a tequila cocktail; only in a few gin concoctions, where it acts as a magic elevator. It’s truly a secret ingredient. The Curaçao will probably make the mix quite sweet enough for me. I adore blood orange juice!
    Will give it a GO,


  5. I’m feeling a bit embarrassed here. I don’t think I’ve done any drinks at all. 🙂 I must get with the program.

    I’m meeting with a local vanilla importer for coffee in an hour – I’ll mention your margarita.


  6. I’m very with alcohol too as wine is always the winner. But I love cocktails when we go out. Blood oranges just sound delicious in a margarita!!


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