Phil is very hard to please when it comes to brownies, bran muffins, and some types of cakes (angel food, layered coconut cake are two that come to mind).  I am always trying different recipes hoping to hit one that will awe him. Brownies, according to the resident expert, have to be dense, fudgy, big, contain nuts, and probably meet a number of other criteria that have not yet been conveyed to the person in charge of baking them (aka curve balls).  Last March, on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary, he went crazy for brownies sold at a very unassuming spot, a little cafe at the entrance of Turtle Bay Resort. I admit that they were indeed spectacular, but all my attempts to get their recipe were ignored. Then, I saw this recipe at Maureen’s blog, and decided to give it a try.  They were nothing short of amazing.  I knew they would be, and the best part is, my hard-to-please husband agreed!

Maureen Brownies 22

(from The Orgasmic Chef)

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 2.27.20 PM


I want to make sure everyone reads Maureen’s masterpiece of a post on the subject. No one should miss it, so click here for the full post, recipe included, and you can thank me later… Who else but Maureen could compose a superb post on brownies that starts with not one, but TWO episodes of flying creatures emptying their guts on her head?  Now, do you want to know what makes her post even more special for me? The fact that many many years ago (July 1986), while walking the streets of former Yugoslavia, a pigeon dropped what seemed to be a full bucket of warm, greenish-white liquid on my head, from the balcony of a building. Of course,  not a single drop hit my former husband, his Mom and his Dad who were walking next to me, and had the laugh of their lives at my expense. We had to take a bus back to the hotel, with yours truly still plastered in pigeon poop (#totallynotdistractinglysexy). Can you imagine my mood?  This is just one more reason I consider Maureen my virtual sister. And although so far I haven’t had the unique pleasure of getting showered with bat’s or crow’s poop, I can testify that the pigeon kind smells disgusting.  I am sure my readers are delighted to know that. Ready for that brownie now?


Maureen Brownies1

Isn’t that a thing of complete beauty? And the smell as it baked, and later cooled was OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!  Yes, in all caps, it deserves it. These babies were moist, dense, intensely flavored, and the walnuts took care of that monochromatic nature of brownies that some people might object to.  Give this recipe a try, especially if you have a brownie-snob in your home… I guarantee these will please the toughest critic.

Maureen, thanks for the great recipe, and of course, for the amusing write-up…  if I was next to you during the crow-attack, I would do my very best not to laugh, instead would help you get back into socially acceptable shape. I am nothing if not magnanimous.

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  1. Gee thanks! You could have posted the recipe. It belongs to my sister and she doesn’t mind either. 🙂 I love you (and these brownies) a lot.


    • Well, I wanted to make sure as many of my readers as possible would have the pleasure of visiting your site… my niece just told me her favorite brownie recipe is almost exactly like yours… 😉


  2. Funny story to read … not so funny to be dumped on by bird poop.

    It’s all worth it if you’re eating one of those fudgy brownies with a big glass of ice cold milk, especially after a cleansing shower. 🙂


  3. LOL! I am so glad I’m not the only one! I’ve been hit twice. Once on the beach and once at the zoo. The zoo one was particularly horrifying as I was a teen then, and well, you know how teens can be. I was there with my dad, uncles, cousin and sister. I don’t know what kind of bird that one was, but it hit me smack on top of the head. I of course wanted to go home, but my dad insisted I just go to the bathroom and clean up as we weren’t leaving the zoo. I was mortified and I’m sure quite a snot afterwards. The other time it was a seagull. Now the kids have quite the laughing fit every time we’re at a beach and they see me running to avoid the darn things. I suppose it’s bound to happen though – darn gravity. I’ll have to check out these brownies…for the kids of course – not me. 😉


    • … you know how teens can be… yeap, I do. I am not sure I completely got over some of that, though… 😉

      I am still very suspicious of pigeons. Never feel comfortable with them flying over my head. One never knows….. does a lightning hit twice?

      Liked by 1 person

    • me too. I like them very soft and fudgy. I don’t think I hit the baking time perfectly, I probably could have underbaked these a little. But, slowly I get there…


  4. Thank you Sally for linking Maureen’s recipe and awesome post. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    And if these brownies are Mr. BeWitchingKitchen (aka pickt brownie eater) approved they must be really legit!


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