Recently I took the liberty of calling an avocado dip as “hummus”, and now I will push the envelope once more and share with you my Mexican focaccia.   If you’ve been around my blog for a while, you know I am crazy about all things bread. Focaccia is a favorite in our home, because it is so simple to put together: no kneading, no complex shaping, just a simple flat bread that you can cut in squares and bring to parties, potlucks, or save it all for yourself…  The inspiration for this twist on focaccia came when I had leftover tomatillo sauce from Marcela’s enchiladas suizas.  As to the basic focaccia recipe, you can find it here.


What you will need…

…. your basic focaccia recipe

…. good quality olive oil

…. tomatillo sauce a la Marcela Valladolid

…. yellow tomatoes, sliced thin

…. Mexican oregano

…. crumbled Cotija cheese

…. Maldon salt flakes

Once you make the dough and open it on the baking sheet, pour some olive oil on the surface, make indentations with your fingers.  Spread a nice coating of tomatillo sauce,  layer yellow tomatoes on top.  Sprinkle oregano, Cotija cheese, a little salt.   Bake as instructed in the original recipe.

Let it cool on a rack, cut in squares and ENJOY!!!!!   😉


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21 thoughts on “MEXICAN FOCACCIA

  1. Mmmmm! Focaccia of any kind is welcome around here. And these flavors sound absolutely fun in the summer. I love Mexican food year-round, but especially in the summer. It just screams “eat me outside” and I love to eat outside. I have been making bread again (and successfully too). I think maybe it’s time I give focaccia a try. It won’t last long around here if I get it right. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend Sally!


    • Angela, voce tem feito tanta coisa absolutamente maravilhosa, imagino que sua focaccia seja divina! Quando puder, tente essa variacao, acho que voce vai gostar muito…


  2. I’m with you on the love of focaccia. I’ve been known to turn one half of my batch of pizza dough into focaccia and then leave the pizza to go cold while I ate the whole focaccia by myself.

    I’ve never thought of dressing it up with tomatillos etc though I did make an attempt at a “Mexican pizza” using home made chorizo sausage, queso fresco (or feta) and tomato sauce spiced up with Sriracha. It was a bit too hot for me but the idea was a pretty good one.

    Your focaccia sounds terrific (if only I liked sliced tomatoes) and I may steal the tomatillo sauce recipe to add to chicken for a filling for my next batch of tamales. The pulled pork was amazing but I’m ready to stretch my wings. 🙂 Instead of Mexican crema I can use my cultured creme fraiche in the sauce. Thank you for the inspiration.


    • I sometimes add cheese, not too much, just a sprinkle, I don’t want to make it feel like a pizza… I think this Mex version will be my favorite until I find some other strong contender 😉


  3. Count me on the side of those in love with focaccia, Sally. They’re so easy to make and such treat. And they make a great sandwich bread and are perfect for panini. Yours here is such a delicious twist and I bet it would make a great chorizo sandwich. Yum!


    • I am thinking of making it again to take to a 4th of July party we were invited to. I think it might go well with the rest of the menu – which by the way is amazing! we are looking forward to it….


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