I simply cannot help it. I’m about to share yet another recipe for cauliflower-in-disguise. But, believe me, this one will change your life. Have I ever promised to change your life with a recipe? No. So trust me, because I never lie. Cross my heart, etc etc. The whole thing starts as 99% of the cauli-rice recipes do: process the florets into bits.  But then, the twist: instead of boiling or simmering it, you will roast the riced cauliflower. Yes, straight into the oven with a delicate coating of coconut oil. And here I am, salivating just by the thought of how great this recipe turns out. Every. Single. Time Perfection, my friends. Perfection. I am so in love with cauliflower that Phil could be a bit jealous of it.

Cauli-Rice with Asparagus and Almonds

(adapted  from  The Clothes Make the Girl)

1 head of cauliflower, any color you like
1 tablespoon coconut oil, melted
3/4 teaspoon of salt
ground black pepper to taste
sautéed asparagus
toasted slivered almonds

You will basically process the cauliflower into bits, then roast it with the coconut oil in a 425 F oven. For all the details of the recipe, click here

Meanwhile, prepare your asparagus using any favorite recipe and mixture of spices. Toast some almonds lightly seasoned with salt.  When the cauli-rice is baked, transfer it to a serving bowl, top with the asparagus and almonds, and serve right away.



Comments:  The difference this method makes in the final product is hard to imagine. The cauli-rice gets all loose and with the exact amount of moisture, not soupy and lifeless. The coconut oil will be barely noticeable. I suspect that even if you don’t care for its taste in this preparation you won’t object. Perfect marriage.

You can take this dish into so many different directions: make it Mexican with the right mixture of spices, add a nice home-made salsa on top. Make it Indian with a curry blend, make it Italian, Brazilian, Korean, it is truly a superb blank canvas to work on.

I’ve made it several times so far, and also used a yellow-orange cauliflower for a show-stopper of a side-dish. I love it. Love it. Period.  Here it is, next to a roasted chicken leg made with a marinade that included a certain ginger syrup of my past.

I say goodbye with the firm intention of not blogging on cauliflower for at least a week!. I’ve got will power, I’ll nail this. Although….


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35 thoughts on “SOMEBODY STOP ME!

  1. I love cauliflower!
    I tried the raw cauliflower rice in a salad and had my first cauliflower pizza crust last week and LOVED it!
    And now this beauty is on my must try list!I had other plans for lunch but if I can find some cauliflower on my way home I will try this instead 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • What great pleasure to see you here! I have the cauliflower pizza crust on my list to make for about 20 years. HA! Maybe not that long, but close enough…. your endorsement makes it even more enticing…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sally, I do not think anyone will be able to stop me either as soon as the first autumn cauliflowers arrive! Cauli-rice has been on the horizon awhile, of course, but you have made it exciting! And since about 70% of my cooking is Asian, methinks curry spices will fight it out with Korean: my new favourite 🙂 ! [And if you get the chance to see the Judy Joo’s series on Korean food, you will just love it I guarantee!!!! How’s that for going off topic?]


    • Will try to find that series… I love Korean food, but never made it at home. There was a superb Korean restaurant we used to go to in Los Angeles, cannot remember the name now due to a mixture of old age and early morning.


  3. I confess … I can count on the fingers of one hand, and still have a couple fingers left over, the times that I’ve eaten cauliflower. Let alone cooked it. The picture with the chicken leg DOES look tasty though. 🙂


    • You mean try the recipe or try to flirt with a cauliflower? 😉 That one is playing hard to get, so that you know. I might have to teach it a lesson and turn it into pizza crust. HA!


  4. Great post Sally, and hardly surprising that you are celebrating the good old cauli! It really is an under rated and under loved vegetable.


    • You have nothing to worry about, my contributions with the cauliflower world PALE in comparison to yours! Still amazed at your post that got 345 thousand hits! That is soooo impressive (and well-deserved)

      but I intend to go on finding nice uses for one of my favorite veggies!


  5. Don’t generally keep coconut oil in my cupboard but may pick some up just to try this. Looked longingly at the whole chicken leg picture — my local Albertsons has been my source for Sanderson Farms chicken forever — we eat whole chicken legs at least once a week. They have not had them for over a month. Remember your Jamie Oliver Crispy Roasted Chicken Legs served with polenta — one of our all-time favorites.


  6. I shall follow these instructions to the letter. I must say though, I’ve never had a conversation with a cauliflower before. The ones I buy just sit there waiting to be murdered. 🙂


    • I’ve had some interesting conversations with Mr. Cauli, but not so much with Mr. Broccoli. He is grumpy and prefers to be left alone. Maybe things are different on the other side of our planet… Worth investigating…. 😉


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