Once more I join the virtual party started by Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, sharing with you what is going on in our kitchen these days.

In our kitchen… A special gift.


Sour cherries from a friend’s backyard.  We went there, climbed on ladders, and came home with a nice load of freshly picked fruit.  We will share a recipe for what we did with them soon. Local food at its best!

In our kitchen…


A cute ceramic cheese platter with little chalkboards to write the names of the cheeses being served…   It was on sale at…  On a side note, is a place that offers special 24-hour sales of all sorts of unique items, from clothing to shoes.  I love their customer service, if something doesn’t fit right,  returning items is absolutely hassle-free.  Aren’t these shoes something?   Ok, forgive me for stepping out of the kitchen…

Now, back to cooking….


A special pan to bake hamburger buns, sold by King Arthur Flour.  I am not too wild about kitchen gadgets with limited purposes, but this thing is amazing.  Very high quality, sturdy, makes the size of buns I like, not gigantic, with a nice shape.  And, you can use it for many other items, like single quiche-type concoctions, pies.

 In our kitchen…


Three items from the bargain bin at Bed Bath and Beyond…  I’ve been flirting with this large scoop for a long time, but bravely resisted until they were on sale. I used to have a silicone whisk multi-colored, but it broke last year. It was nice to replace it, even if this red one is a tad too discreet for my taste.   😉


In our kitchen…


A special container for ice cream.  It seems small, but it holds the exact amount of ice cream or sorbets we make in our Cuisinart. The shape is perfect to scoop out a ball of sweet frozen deliciousness such as this apricot-passion fruit sorbet made by my beloved husband. Available at (the ice cream container, not the husband).


In our kitchen…


A box to store brown sugar. I love it!  Finally a decent way to deal with brown sugar, keeping it loose, and making it easy to scoop out the amount you need.

In our kitchen….


I suppose coconut oil is a very trendy ingredient, as I see it in recipes everywhere. I decided to get a bottle and was surprised by how much I like it. Very delicate flavor.

In our kitchen….


The morning sun shinning through the window, surprised me with a very nice effect on a bottle of paprika left on the counter top.  It was a wonderful sight to start the day…

In our kitchen….


Snacks, a winner and a loser. The winner?  Crunchy Coated Black Edamame.  Hard to stop nibbling on those, they are spicy, salty, we love this stuff!   The loser?  Hummus crisps.  The concept seemed brilliant.  Eating those feels like punishment.  No one deserves it. Sawdust compressed into rounds would likely taste better.


In our kitchen…


A new take on breading for pork or chicken cutlets…  too simple to actually compose a blog about it, I  added to the food processor a little panko, a little Parmigiano cheese, and… ready for this?  Fresh spinach!  Used that to coat pork chops.  The inspiration came from Giada de Laurentiis, she used it to make baked chicken nuggets for a kids’ friendly meal.  I love the way this turned out, and intend to use it often. Plus, it’s a great way to deal with a little spinach leftover in the bag. Just a handful is all you need.


As usual, I close this IMK series with a message from our faithful furry friends…


Chief thinks Mom’s cooking is the best in the world!  Nothing like a little leftover couscous to spice up a bowl of dog food, and start my day right.


Although it does make me a little sleepy….

As the weather warms up, Buck is the only one of our four-legged friends who can keep up with our running and long walks. That dog is resilient, to say the least.  In one of these walks, we reached a farm where Buck made a new friend.  A big friend, curious, and surprisingly gentle.


Oscar is not interested in long walks or getting up close and personal with bovine creatures. He thinks a much better activity is snoozing close to Mom while she exercises, then jump up at the end to give her a hug. Still a little groggy, but happy to comply.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  I wonder how many words a video is worth?  I’ve got two to share with you today. If you want to see how excited Buck gets by the perspective of going for a walk, click here.

And, you can also see him  showing off his abilities as he learns a new trick.  (You may have to increase the volume a little for this one). Not bad for a rescued dog who was abused for 5 long  years, don’t you think?

compositeWell, friends… it’s time to say goodbye.  
It’s been so hot outside, what we really love the most is just chillin’ out with mom.
See you next time!


If you want to see kitchens from other food bloggers, or add your own post to this great virtual party, visit Celia’s site by clicking here.


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58 thoughts on “IN MY KITCHEN: AUGUST 2014

  1. Adorei o cheese board ­ lindinhoŠ e que ideia boa os placarezinhos (??) de quadro negro! Sempre q faco meus jantares/almocos pra multidao aqui em casa tenho essa questao de como nomear/expilicar as comidas. Minhas brasilianices causam estranheza e ha geralmente contribuicoes que me sao estranhas. Gosto de escrever o que é. Geralmente uso fichas que dobro ao meio como um ‘telhado’ e coloco perto da comida. Mas as fichas saem do lugar durante o evento, causa confusao.

    Se um dia voce descobrir algo q cumpra essa funcao bem me avise pf.

    Adorei sua cozinha e cozinhices! E, pro seu alivio ­ e meu ­ no frogs around here! Bjs


    • Denise, eu tinha um outro tipo de cheese marker que certamente foi designed por um engenheiro qualquer sem experiencia em actually serving cheeses 🙂 Feitos de porcelana, pesados demais, impossivel manter em um cheese tipo Brie ou Camembert. Lindos, mas inuteis. Esses eu acho que vao funcionar melhor 😉


  2. I could eat coconut oil by the tablespoon full (shh! don’t tell anyone). What an ingenious way to cook hamburger buns – love! I’ve got to find me some coated edamame; I’ve never come across those before. You know Sally, I’m now an expert at scrolling all the way to the bottom of your ‘in my kitchen’ posts for the irresistible four-legged photos – SO cuuuute!! The cuddles with mom and the cow!? (wow, what a great shot)… love seeing your babies. Enjoy the sunshine and the snuggle time together, xx.


    • Well, well, well… you know that it would break my heart if I realized you would be scrolling down ALL my post only to talk to our pups, fully ignoring me and whatever I have to say… (allow me to dry some heartfelt tears)



  3. I liked your cheese serving set very much even though it would be a totally impractical toy. The hot pink whisk, scoop/strainer and spatula I WOULD use though. I’m sticking with red, white and blue accents in my kitchen when I do buy toys.

    All 3 of your furry boys are adorable. Buck is a lucky guy finding such a good home after a bad early life. Cuddles for everyone.


    • I do tend to go overboard with colors… but sticking to red, white and blue is not a bad idea at all…

      Buck is lucky indeed, but so are we to have him. I had no idea how much I would love this dog, but it happened. I look at him, and I melt


  4. Sally, your furry babies are looking very happy this month! I’m always amazed by how popular edamame are in the US – we get them frozen in pod form here, but that’s about it (and even then I have to get them from Costco!). And sour cherries! What a treat! Again, something I’ve only ever seen frozen here, and it’s hard to track down – how cool to have freshly picked ones! I think your hamburger pan looks very fine and well made – I’m sure you’ll get heaps of use from it! xxx


    • Yes, edamame is tremendously popular here – I like it, and usually order a serving in Japanese restaurants, but these crackers are something else, I wonder if the edamame plays any role in them! 😉 it’s all about the coating, the crunch, the spices. Very nice!

      but not as nice as seeing you here to say hello! 😉


  5. Buck was abused for five years? That’s so tragic. I’m so glad he’s been rescued by you and I hope his memories of his past are fading. I love the look of your sour cherries and how wonderful to be able to pick them yourself! There’s nothing more satisfying than harvesting your own food. I love your gadgets from Bed, Bath and Beyond and how fortunate to be able to purchase them on sale xx


    • Yes, he was tied outside to a tree by a rope. That was his life. Barely any contact with humans, a very dirty bowl of water to drink from. His fur was so brown from Oklahoma dirt we thought he was a strange Jack Russel with a dark coat. Once we gave him a first bath, we found out a snow white fur underneath…

      He is still very aggressive with any human beings apart from Phil and me. We need to start working on that at some point.


  6. Sally, I want those cherries, those puppies, your blue nail color and that beautiful head of hair. Oh, and are those shoes size 8? I think they would make me feel more special than Dorothy and her red pair. 🙂

    As always, love your posts and always love reading about your days in Oklahoma. My daughter and son-in-law rescued my beautiful Hannah while attending OSU in Stillwater. I am blessed beyond measure. You are too, sweet friend.

    Thanks for sharing your world. I must get back to visit your full site soon. I love your science pages.

    Take care…


    • Long time no see!!!!! Did you know we moved to Manhattan, Kansas? 312 miles north of Norman, OK. It’s been exactly two years!

      shoes are size 6.5… you know, I am vertically-challenged…

      great to see you back here!


  7. I’m so happy you like coconut oil. IMO it’s really than just a trend or a fad. It’s a good, versatile and healthy fat. I’ve never tried that brand though. I usually buy Nutiva or Barlean’s.
    I’m curious to know what you’ll do with those gorgeous sour cherries.

    Have a great weekend Sally!


    • Hello there, Mike! I think that is the only brand they sell around here, but I might be wrong. There is a huge organic section in another grocery store I don’t go to that often. I will keep an eye for those brands you mentioned. I guess the main thing is to make sure it is unrefined. Or so I heard… 😉


  8. Delicious looking cherries. I always put my sugar into containers because here in England sugar is packed into paper bags that inevitably split or tear. With all the packaging technology you’d think they’d find a better way to pack it.


  9. Lovely “come on in my kitchen” post!
    Just a question about the brown sugar storage. How does it work? Is that some sort of vacuum valve on the top? Also where do they sell it (or who makes it)?
    Loved Buck training Phil for snackies! …good boy!….also Paris! (it’s been a long time for me, l’oeil sourit)


  10. Lots a nice things for the kitchen Sally!! I love cherry tomatoes and could eat a whole basket of them, also love tomato sandwiches, especially if I have heirloom tomatoes! I purchased two of the Tovolo containers but after 3 months of us in the freezer the lid is now popping off. I love the shape and everything about this container and wished I didn’t have the lid problems.
    Your cutlets and broccoli look great, my kind of meal! 🙂 Did you see my homemade vanilla bean ice cream post?

    Have a great weekend !


    • Oh, no! I wonder how long mine is going to last…. so far so good….

      I saw your post on the homemade vanilla ice cream, super rich and I’m sure very very VERY tasty!


  11. And to think we used to slather coconut oil over ourselves at the beach! Makes me shudder when I think of it. Love the little chalkboards and iceream container. Perfect.


  12. Love the sour cherries. I’ve a well-stocked freezer and a jug out in the yard making liqueur for Christmas gifts. As much as I loved your post, Sally, must say that Buck’s videos stole the show. Love how a dog snaps to attention when he hears the magic word “walk” and then the happy dance begins. I don’t know if Max would learn to roll over so easily. He’s more of an example follower. That’s probably why he’s an expert at sleeping on the sofa. 🙂


    • Well, I am prepared to face the harsh reality of Buck stealing my show…. what can I say? He is pretty cute…

      You should see how they are doing it now, not only Buck, but Oscar too – amazing how fast they improve! I suspect we will have to get another video uploaded at the next In My Kitchen!


  13. Can’t get enough of those dogs! Buck is indeed a lucky chap and I can see how much you love him. My Spot was neglected for 4 years before I got him though I don’t think he was treated as badly as Buck. People often say how lucky he is to be with me but I think I am the lucky one to have him.


    • Isn’t that the truth? We go through a ton of grievance to keep the dogs, as Buck and Chief must be kept separated at all times, but even with all the complexity of the situation, we are happy with them all… We now need to work on Buck to change his aggression towards other human beings, as he only accepts Phil and I. The other day he launched at the leg of a guy in the golf course, good thing I had him on a leash and was paying attention. He is fast, and acts as if any human around us is a threat. We must correct this ASAP.


  14. Sour cherries! I am so jealous 😦 I have been coveting that ice cream container since I saw it in the shops last summer. It is going on my Christmas list that one (early I know). Thanks for the fantastic tip for crumbing. I am going to give it a go.


  15. Oh your kitchen is just too much fun! I love it. I imagine it always filled with such life (and drama of course!). 🙂 The little chalkboards for the cheese are fantastic. I just love those. But I have to say, your shoes stole the show for me! Those are too cute for words. I just LOVE them!!!


    • Kristy, I haven’t been able to inaugurate the shoes yet, not the right weather, but sometimes I put them on and walk around the house…. I have to be careful because I just want to keep looking at them and then, you know…. high risk of twisting an ankle and falling on my face… DRAMA TIME!!!!!! 😉


  16. We could share shoes but that’s as far as it goes. Maybe hats. 🙂 I had no idea about Buck but he sure looks happy now!


    • You are more than welcome to share all my shoes! I have a few hats too, heck maybe I should blog about them? 😉 Buck went golfing with us this afternoon… have I mentioned I love this dog? He is so much fun, such a special dog… And you would not believe how well he is rolling over now! The improvement has been amazing… now we need to STOP him from doing it until we tell him to… 😉


  17. I love those little blackboards to write the cheese one! what a fabulous idea! Ive been using Coconut oil for a while now and I love it. Also where do you get the edamame from… I’d love to try them! Thanks for sharing this month! Liz x


  18. i love all the things in your kitchen except coconut oil i am afraid to say. i know it is trendy and everyone raves but i just can’t take the greasy horrible feel it leaves around the tongue and lips! eek! but i love the ice cream container and the cheese fork and the cherries and your dog and on and on:)) thanks for sharing.


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