18 thoughts on “HEADED TO BRAZIL!

    • I’ve only been to Rio once, if you can believe it, even though my sisters and my Mom were born there. I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, and for one reason or another only got to see gorgeous Rio in 1999

      Beautiful city, though… absolutely beautiful…


    • Well, Kristy, for me it is less of a touristic trip, and more of a visit with family, but we hope to at least go to a couple of nice restaurants in Sao Paulo. Usually, though, our schedule is intensely booked from the moment we step out of the plane. 😉


  1. The “Boys” did fine their first night at “camp” – some fussing through the fence between Chief and Buck, Oscar is mildly depressed but not too badly to eat breakfast!!


  2. Enjoy your family, Sally. I know how busy a family trip can be, but it’s well worth the effort. But that’s why you’re going, isn’t it? 🙂


  3. What lovely pictures, the view is breathtaking and I lust after those beautiful orchids. I gave my mother some plants ages ago and they died a pitiful death. 😦


  4. Enjoy your return to beautiful Brazil… I look forward to reading your posts from there but if not, then upon your return in mid-August. Enjoy the laughter and light of family and friends.


  5. What an utter delight it is to tune in to your adventures, both cooking and traveling. I look forward to your beautiful entries every time I sign on to the Internet.


  6. Thanks for the good wishes, everyone!

    It is great to see my family, particularly my Mom, the trip was uneventful, just a little too long…

    Internet connections are iffy, my Mom~´s place has a dial up connection with very low speed, I hope I can get a post or two up during our trip, but it~s not looking too promising

    Pat, thanks for the update on the boys, I´ll drop you an email, I am sure Oscar is the most affected by the separation, poor thing

    weather is very nice, sunny, pretty warm today – a real Springtime weather in the middle of the winter! Lucky, lucky, lucky us!


  7. Karen and Lisa, thanks for the comments! It´s been a little hard to keep up with the bog and the internet in general, but everything is going well here. Just arrived from an amazing shopping experience at the street market, hope to blog about it sometime


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