A little bit of a tangent, this won’t be about food…   I am writing this post mainly to have something I can link to when needed.

My personal policy on exchanging links:  I don’t do it.  The blogs on my blogroll are sites I found  (or in some cases was invited to visit through a nice email) and love to read.  I also do not accept offers for guest posts, sorry!

I don’t accept products to review.  I will evaluate products (and also cookbook and exercise videos ;-)), but on my own.  If I recommend something, you can be 100% sure it’s because I love it.

Finally, I appreciate getting blog awards, but I don’t forward them.  This is a delicate subject, I admit. But I rather celebrate the blogs I love by cooking from them.  If you follow my blog, you may have noticed I do that regularly.

Having said so many “I don’t“, let me finish on a positive note:  I wish you all  a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy it to the fullest, following the example of very wise creatures, who definitely know how to live in the moment...    😉


31 thoughts on “A FEW BLOGGING ISSUES

    • Kelly, I was going to add a text box pointing to Oscar – “I am not dead, just playing dead dog for blog purposes…. ” 😉 In fact, two second after I shot the photo, a squirrel showed up, Buck jumped off to get it, and Oscar was up in a complete daze, ready for action…


  1. Would have expected nothing different, you are a credit to the blogging community! Keep your ethics just where they are! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Phil! Hope you enjoyed your day!


  2. I don’t know anything about blogging but I know you. I am not surprised that you have adopted a set of guidelines that ensure your blog is an honest report on food and other things important to you and not a tool for self-aggrandizing.


    • Thanks, Cindy… I debated whether I should have posted this, but now I am really glad I did. I also just paid for an upgrade to get rid of the ads at the bottom of the page, but so far WordPress has not come to the rescue. (sigh)


  3. Sally, I don’t blog. So my experience with blogging comes just as a reader. I can tell you a few things that I don’t like. I don’t like blogs that constantly do give-aways because they received something to review and it is part of the deal. If it’s a once in a while type of deal, fine. But some blogs nowadays seem to be running on those non-stop.

    I love your blog for many reasons, not only everything you listed, but because you asnwer comments (another thing I dislike and that makes me stop following a blog, is bloggers who never answer a single comment – why do they allow comments if they don’t care about replying?)

    I haven’t commented much lately but always read and always leave your blog with a smile. That to me says it all. This is a place to keep coming back.


  4. forgot to add one other thing – I don’t like blogs that are covered with ads everywhere and that pop things on your face, surveys, offers. I simply never go back. Thank you for letting me vent. LOL


    • actually, you touched on a good point here…. First, I never got a single cent for the ads at the bottom of the page, and second, I have no control over what is advertised, and often I see stuff I don’t particularly like. So, I decided to get the upgrade and have a no-ads site. Not sure why WordPress collected the money but the ads are still there… very annoying, I am trying to deal with it now.


  5. Agree with all of your blog rules! I hope you and Phil had a great Valentine’s Day. I thought of you this week and have to thank you for the idea. I made a fancy Wednesday night dinner (figured it would be a good surprise the day before Valentine’s!). I figured why not…I surprised Mike with a risotto (usually his specialty, and not mine) with some grilled salmon. He was so surprised. You’re always inspiring me. I’m going to keep this Wednesday fancy dinner thing in mind from now on!


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