Hamburger Bun1
I’ve been baking bread for many years, and of course I’ve had my share of failures.  However, I have yet to meet one recipe from Dan Lepard that didn’t work.  Dan knows his way around all things yeast and sourdough, so whenever I’m in the mood to try something out of the ordinary he is my number one source of inspiration.  This recipe is from his book Short and Sweet, which I reviewed in the past.  I am always fond of anything with carrots, and thought that incorporating them in a soft bread perfumed with cumin would lead to something awesome.

Look at these babies! Plump, golden, and so very fragrant…

Carrot and Cumin Hamburger Buns

If you want the recipe but do not own his book, you can find it at The Guardian website with a quick jump here. Or you can do even better and order your own copy.  😉

I loved making these buns!  They flow in the opposite direction of a sourdough, as Dan uses fast-rising yeast for the dough.  The only tough part was grating the carrots, I think my box grater is getting a little old and dull. I don’t like to buy pre-grated carrots, I think they are too bulky and overly dry. Not the best option for this type of recipe.

I made 5 buns, one of them larger than all others, as I wasn’t sure how much oven spring they would have.  Next time I will cut the dough into 6 equal pieces, the resulting size is perfect for a hamburger.


I am submitting this post to Susan’s Yeastspotting event…

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  1. What an intriguing type of bread dough. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of adding grated carrots to one and then turning it into a bun … unique. Does the carrot add a bit of sweetness to the taste?


  2. Carrot bread? That’s a new one for me, Sally. It sure does have a great crumb, especially for hamburger buns, and I love the color. I’ve little use for 6 buns right now but I’m pinning this for use next Summer. Thanks, Sally.


    • John, four of these babies are in the freezer, hibernating 😉 – contrary to what my blog might suggest, we don’t eat a ton of bread, sometimes we go through a couple of weeks without eating a single slice, can you imagine that? I like to bake, eat a slice or a bun and freeze the rest. We tend to make burgers a couple of times a month, so in three months this batch will be taken care of… 😉


  3. I currently use an adaptation of Moomies buns but am interested in trying these. Do you think the flavor would be OK with pulled pork or should I save them for hamburgers?


  4. I always say Dan’s buns are the best! I love all his bun recipes but haven’t made this one, so will add it to the repertoire! Have a very happy Christmas Sally! xx Joanna. PS I made his mushroom burgers one time, they work very well but take an age to get the liquid to cook out of the mushrooms. I think the recipe is on the G somewhere too.


  5. A quick rising yeast! Now perhaps I can work with that. I have always wanted to make my own hamburger buns – especially for Mike’s lentil burgers. These sound like they would be the perfect flavor for those too. I hope all is well Sally. Have an absolutely wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year! Many hugs to you!


  6. I have been perusing through Hubert Keller’s book “Souvenirs”. In it is his Grandma’s recipe for “Carrot Salad with Alsatian Vinaigrette”. He suggests using a food processor to grate the carrots.


  7. Have made plenty of carrot bread but never buns such as this. Do not think I have used cumin either!! Look different and very moreish!! . . .Here it is Christmas Eve already ~ for us born in Europe it is the main day of the Christmas holidays . . . having turned towards Buddhism quite some years ago, don’t really celebrate but certainly wish you and your family a wonderfully happy and festive time. . .


    • I am not religious (much to my Mom’s despair), so for me CHristmas is going with the flow and the general feeling of peace and happiness associated with it. Back in Brazil saying “Feliz Natal” (Merry CHristmas) is pretty much mandatory, people don’t think twice, and will say it and accept it even if they are not catholic. It took me a while to understand that here in the US is different, so after stepping on a few toes, I now simply say “Happy Holidays” and leave it at that… 😉


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