As I’ve mentioned before, my fitness guru is Tony Horton, and I’ve been using his P90X system for 3  years.   I’m about to finish his awesome new series, P90X2, with only one workout left to do (yeaaaaah!).

I’d like to highlight one particular exercise in his routine, called Superman.  It’s already present in the original series, but in the X2 version it gets a little harder: instead of short 10 second intervals of the posture, you try to hold it for a full 45 seconds.  As the weeks go by, the idea is to raise your legs and arms higher, or add resistance by holding a bar.

I am sure Tony Horton would appreciate my own take on it, as it adds a bit more flexibility to the range of motion in the upper arms.   Normally, I get the added resistance from both sides, but due to the nature of the gadgets I had  available, this time the right side of my body got some extra attention!


22 thoughts on “SUPERMAN

  1. Oh, Sally, your “helpers” made me laugh! Very good video, and I’m sure the exercise is beneficial, but your “crew” steals the show.


    • Unfortunately, Michael, the other day Phil was not around to catch it on video, but I had one dog on each arm, attacking my hands simultaneously… for some reason, they LOVE when I do the Superman, and now think it’s playtime for them.


  2. I loove the video!!! Yes, the dogs clearly think you are playing with them and they must wonder why you don’t move around more! Great workout!


    • Celia, the dogs do the funniest things, but of course it’s impossible to catch it on video. They are very suspicious of cameras, but the iPhone is small enough that we can get by, and Phil was pretty sneaky


  3. Sally, loved the video! Way too funny! I used to do this exercise at the YMCA years ago, but doubt I could get to 20 seconds, it is very hard on the back. My physical therapist actually told me that if a person does this exercise regularly, he or she will never have lower back issues. It strengthens all the muscles very efficiently


    • Sonya, 5 years ago I simply could not do it at all… so P90X has helped me tremendously. My back was very weak and I had a lot of pain due to scoliosis. It’s all gone now, replaced by very sore muscles 😉


  4. That is just awesome Sally! And way to go on finishing another P90x series. You are amazing!!!! I think I would have rolled over in a giggle fit with your two helpers – I’m impressed you hung in there. 🙂 And how do you like those barefoot shoes? I’ve wanted to try running in some of those.


    • The shoes have a complicated story behind them, I will make it short here and get you an email about it with more details.
      First, you must try three different sizes, if possible – to make sure which one will fit you “as a glove” 😉
      Second, if you intend to run with them, you must do the switch from regular running shoes to five fingers slowly, or you risk hurting your ankles and feet.
      I did “real” barefoot running for a while – no shoes at all – but decided it was too dangerous as far as stepping on glass or rocks. So I got the five fingers
      (the rest goes by email, ok?)


    • I was hoping you would melt a little bit…

      well, for a SuperWoman I collapsed a little too intensely at the end. Had I known Phil was taping it, I would have tried to end it on a higher note 😉


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