As I’ve mentioned before, my fitness guru is Tony Horton, and I’ve been using his P90X system for 3  years.   I’m about to finish his awesome new series, P90X2, with only one workout left to do (yeaaaaah!).

I’d like to highlight one particular exercise in his routine, called Superman.  It’s already present in the original series, but in the X2 version it gets a little harder: instead of short 10 second intervals of the posture, you try to hold it for a full 45 seconds.  As the weeks go by, the idea is to raise your legs and arms higher, or add resistance by holding a bar.

I am sure Tony Horton would appreciate my own take on it, as it adds a bit more flexibility to the range of motion in the upper arms.   Normally, I get the added resistance from both sides, but due to the nature of the gadgets I had  available, this time the right side of my body got some extra attention!