A couple of weeks ago we bought a small dog bed for Buck, as he loves to lay near the kitchen island, having learned that pieces of tasty stuff miraculously rain from above around that neighborhood.  But the bed got intense competition from Oscar, who doesn’t quite “get” that the bed is not big enough for him.

So, we did the only sensible thing to do:  bought a bigger bed for Oscar, and placed it next to Buck’s bed.  Problem solved.  Or…. was it really?

And what about Chief?  Well, he’s got his own ideas about getting comfy….

18 thoughts on “THE OSCAR WINNER

  1. Your guys are very funny. And if I were Oscar, I’d prefer the poofier checked version to the more ‘formal’ bed too. 🙂 As to Chief … I don’t know, he seems a bit strange. (colour me puzzled)


  2. I like Oscar’s spirit! (I think I’d be squeezing into the duvet version too ;)) – and Buck perfectly content to oblige Oscar in the other bed… too funny; gotta love how animals work things out – it’s like they have secret understandings/arrangements (at least that’s what Greg and I think about our cat and dog who eat each other’s food but are very respectful and patient in the deal that they have struck:)). Now what’s going on with Chief? 🙂 Lol. Great post Sally – loved viewing the pics!


  3. Great post Sally! I’m still laughing :))
    so Buck is the smart one, Oscar is still shy and insecure, and Chief wants to be the alphadog, but he has a funny way of achieving that!


  4. @everybody: the pups say thank you, they are indeed like kids sometimes (all the time!)

    They have their favorite toys, their favorite treats (some instead of eating, CHief and Buck prefer to carry away and hide, it’s hilarious that they do the same, we see genetics at work big time)

    Oscar’s personality is changing a bit, he is getting less and less insecure and very protective of me, started growling and even snapping at Chief if when I’m petting him Chief approaches us. We don’t want that going on, so we are trying to correct it right away. (Easy to say)

    As to the last photo – a very “rare” moment. Chief used to do that all the time with the dalmatian, but Oscar is too active and normally won’t let Chief use him as a pillow. That shot was the only time it happened in the almost 2 years we’ve had Oscar around. Priceless….


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