Last weekend, on a visit to one of Los Angeles Animal Shelters, my husband spotted a very thin and shy terrier, with golden fur and beautiful dark eyes, that had been found wandering the streets of Hollywood. It was love at first sight. We named him Oscar, and our home is now his home.

Maybe I am a little insecure still….

But I am already working hard on getting my brother to love me….

Do you think he will resist my charm for very long?

No one else seems to….

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16 thoughts on “A REAL OSCAR WINNER

  1. Those ears!!
    Who could resist?
    Oscar’s a really cute pup.
    I hope the adoption goes well and his insecurities vanish-in a home full of puppylove, I’m sure they will.


  2. Hello! .. your beautiful gesture of affection, as the animals, he really got a family that loves you, congratulations for the attitude … long live the oscar!


  3. Sally I’m amazed how this adoption has made your sad story so much easier for me, I can only imagine how much it must do that for you and Phil too. Hopefully.


  4. Thanks, everyone…. Oscar is just a cutie-pie… he wags his tail so furiously when we arrive home from work, that his whole lower back wags with it, it’s just adorable!

    He sleeps the whole night, doesn’t have accidents in the house, and seems to have more and more energy each day – Chief is slowly warming up to him, last night they almost cuddled up together in the same bed, but it did not last too long, Chief decided to get up and leave…. ๐Ÿ™‚ It will come, though, we can see it….


    • He is such an adorable little thing, and has that uncoordinated look that some puppies do, we sometimes think we should have named him “Goofy” ๐Ÿ˜‰

      he is a handful, though… believe me!


    • Pauline, can you believe he already learned how to “sit?” We are not quite sure if he really learned the command, or is associating that with getting a cookie, but there’s a chance that he really learned the command (says the proud Mom) ๐Ÿ˜‰


  5. I have never blogged in my life. However, I cannot resist responding to this loveliest of stories. Both Oscar and Chief are adorable. I was sad for your loss earlier in the year. Our animal friends simply don’t live long enough. Thank you for all your wonderful recipes and stories. You are a joy.


    • Margaret, thanks so much for your comment, it made my day! I used to be shy about leaving comments in my “pre-blogging days”, thinking that only bloggers commented on other blogger’s sites… Then, I slowly became more “daring” and soon was leaving comments all the time on my favorite blogs.

      I am so glad you enjoy the BK, I sure love to keep it going….

      again, thank you!


  6. WOW! Sally, I am so happy for you. You moved very quickly to fill that hole in your heart (just a little). What a lucky doggie you adopted. I love his look. And… OSCAR from Hollywood? You are too clever.


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