We are back in California, to work for two weeks in the lab at UCLA, continuing  experiments in our collaboration with Dr. Kaback.  Thanksgiving week will be a little unusual, instead of taking some time off and preparing a nice dinner, we will be working, but  it is for a good cause, so we don’t mind.  Plus, we got to be invited for Thanksgiving dinner at the boss’ home, and of course we look forward to it!

Last year, when we were in the nano-house, I often took the dogs for a walk up and down the many hilly streets around Beverly Glen Blvd.  We managed to rent a guest house (another tiny place, but with a much better kitchen ;-)) on a street in the hills.  When we arrived here, I was thrilled to see that I used to walk all the way up to this very house, and admire the view.   It is a very  quiet spot, nothing around except the woods and the view of the Beverly Glen canyon below.

The Bewitching Kitchen might have a small slow down, but nothing too serious. I’ve got a couple of posts to publish from last week in our own kitchen, and might be able to pull one or two meals made here. Who knows?  Stay tuned!

18 thoughts on “BACK IN LOS ANGELES

  1. I am always impressed by the dedication of scientists to their work, Sally. That you two would leave home at a time when everyone is kicking back and relaxing, to work hard on experiments, is just amazing!

    I hope you get all the results you need for your work there


    • We are going out for dinner tomorrow night, but decided to go to a place we haven’t been before, a French bistrot called Soleil, near campus. My main goal is to hit one or two of our favorite sushi spots, though. We’ll get to them, I am sure.


  2. That is some serious dedication, but being a scientist I totally understand. I’m pretty sure I have to go into lab on Thursday to take care of some of my cell lines. It’s all in the name of the greater good, right!


    • Ah, cell lines! They are harsher mistresses than bacteria, aren’t they? We make monoclonals back in OK – and taking care of the cell lines is such a labor intensive task! They contaminate, they are “temperamental”. 😉

      But, as you said, it’s all for the greater good!


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