Ten months passed way too quickly, and our time in California is coming to an end.   We brought two dogs with us, and two dogs will travel back,  but only one will recognize the place as his old, beloved home.  Oscar has no idea how much his life will change, from a small patch of astroturf to a big backyard with fat squirrels waiting to tease him.  It’s close to dog-paradise.

We will miss many things from our stay in this amazing city.  All the friends we made, the time with C & C  (aka ” LA’s coolest couple”),  the conversations with our  our boss (both scientific and otherwise), and all our labmates at UCLA.  We’ll miss the EARLY morning runs up and down Beverly Glen (we completed 81 of those!), interrupted by  sunrise over Mulholland Drive, the walks with the dogs through our neighborhood canyons, and the howling coyotes in the middle of the night. I might even miss the nano-kitchen…  😉

The bar at Katsuya Sushi in Hollywood, unforgettable spot…

Franklin Canyon

View from Yamashiro restaurant, where great food is just the beginning…

Until we settle into a new (old) routine, I’ll take a little break from blogging.   I hope to see you soon in the (full-size) Bewitching Kitchen!

Everything changes, nothing remains without change.

ONE YEAR AGO: 7-6-5 Pork Tenderloin

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