Breakfast…. comme il faut!

Yes, one day I will have to master croissants and pain au chocolat from scratch… but for the time being, no need to worry about it…

(note to self: never ever compose a blog in less than 45 seconds, or you risk a huge typo right on the title! Blogging is hard when you are away from home 😉

7 thoughts on “BONJOUR!

  1. Hi Sally, now you have finished BBA, did I congratulate you? I hope I did, how about keeping your challenge hand in with my friend Celia at who is having an english cottage loaf bake off just for fun! She has suggested either doing it with a sourdough or with a yeasted bread, I saw you posted about it last year on the fresh loaf. I first made them at Rick’s Bakehouse last summer, they need a fairly firm but not too stiff dough and lots of prayers! Anyway, I thought you might be interested in joining in, I know Celia would love to meet you and anyone else who is interested ! I’ve got a couple rising in the kitchen just now…. Jo


  2. I am terribly envious.

    Fresh croissants (loved the almond ones from a little place in the 7th) or baguette with Crème Fraiche and jam were breakfast staples when I was there for 6 month oh so, so many years ago.

    You’ve sent me back 20 some years.

    Thank you.


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