When we finally took off for Paris our Boeing 777, the biggest and most comfortable of the jumbo jets, didn’t even notice the heavy rain and overcast enveloping Washington DC. And the happy couple it was transporting to the place they love so much didn’t’ mind the foul weather either. Clouds and rain, after all, are the norm in Parisian winter months, so we were ready for it. But, the initial day of such trips is the most difficult: an early morning arrival after a night on the plane with only a few hours of sleep, followed by the huge but requisite struggle to defeat jet lag. To reset our circadian clocks to the new schedule we walked outside as much as possible, and only saw the inside of our hotel room after night fell.

Having lived in Paris for several years we don’t visit many museums or tourist hot spots. “… Been there, done that,” from the Tour Eiffel to La Defense, from Montmartre to the Louvre, from Musee d’Orsay to Musee Salvador Dali, from cemetiere Pere Lachaise to the quartier Latin … Instead, what we love about Paris are the neighborhoods we used to call home. As we turn each corner we pass by each of our favorite cafes, brasseries, and boulangeries. We enjoy repeating our weekly Saturday afternoon walks, and that’s exactly what we did again yesterday… we departed our hotel close to Ecole Militaire and walked and walked, and walked some more….

We stopped at La Grande Epicerie de Paris, where I bought some “pimente d’espelette,” we strolled up rue de Rennes , then turned down to boulevard Montparnasse. We walked and walked some more, stood at the corner of Boulevards St Michel and St Germain, the gateway to Notre Dame, now so beautiful after its recent cleaning, and continued down to the cafe Les Deux Magots, which brings memories of dining outside at countless cafes throughout Paris, savoring the views of people passing by. Yesterday it was 40 F (3 C), but all the seats outside were filled by people from all over the world, each one living their own private love affair with Paris.

What’s for dinner? It was a simple meal at Le Bosquet, a classic brasserie two blocks from our hotel. The same waiter from several years ago handed us a menu that was almost unchanged. Why change oysters, confit de canard, and tarte Tatin? 😉

On a side note – If you haven’t seen the film Paris, Je t’Aime, I urge you to do so – it is a series of short stories by different directors, filmed in different Parisian neighborhoods. One of our favorites is the final vignette, the narrative (in broken, yet adorable French) of a lonely, middle-aged American woman who, after studying French for a few years, finally visits Paris for the first time in her life. Beautiful, touching, and a declaration of love for one of the most amazing cities in the world.

I feel the same way. It’s so nice to see it all again!

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13 thoughts on “PARIS, JE t’AIME…

  1. I came across your blog searching for Paris info. I’m a research scientist (type I diabetes research) and am flying out tomorrow with my husband for vacation. We have both traveled internationally before but never to Paris. So excited for the food!


  2. It sounds lovely. Two years ago, we spent almost the entire month of March in Paris. It was cold and rainy the whole time, but who cares?

    I also love that last segment of Paris, Je t’Aime. I’ve seen it several times, and it always makes me cry. I can see myself in it, and I can definitely hear my own atrocious French!


  3. Thanks, everyone!

    The connections in the hotel are iffy (putting it mildly)… so I won’t be able to reply to each of you individually

    Delicateplace… enjoy your first visit, if you need anything, drop me an email at sallyparis2002 at

    au revoir, mes amis! 🙂


  4. aproveite muito, Paris é perfeito sempre, dias deste eu comentei no blog da Glorinha, café com bolo, que amo Paris, tomar uma das linhas do metro descer num bairro e caminhar e caminhar. parar num café, ler e ver a pessoas, isto é Paris para mim. sua postagem está perfeita. bjs


  5. Thanks, Carole, Angela, Marie & Lisa!

    we are back home now, and life goes back to normal…. I should post about our lunch at Taillevent in the near future… it was amazing!


  6. This one is from before we started following you! Thank you for sending it along. I’m going to use your trip about battling jet lag too. Lots of fresh air! I haven’t seen this movie either, definitely something to check out before we go. Hopefully those sunny skies from your current trip will hang on for us!


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