Unlike the other breads in the “challenge“,  I’ve made this one many times. It is in fact our default sandwich bread, that I bake on weekends and slice and freeze for later in the week.

It’s a straightforward recipe, with white and whole-wheat flours, dry milk, a little sugar, butter, and commercial instant yeast.  Knead it until smooth, allow it to rise and shape it as a loaf; let it rise another time and bake it.  Really, easy as pie!

I made it  for the first time after reading this post at Smitten Kitchen. She expressed my feelings exactly: a person who loves good bread and enjoys cooking (that would be me, and I am sure many of you, who read food blogs… 😉 ), cannot possibly settle for what is sold at grocery stores as sandwich bread.

As I explained before, we can’t post the full recipe, but if you’d like to make a great sandwich-style bread at home, that freezes extremely well, look no further, grab the book, open to page 181 and give it a try…


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Eighteen breads down, twenty-five to go!
(I wonder if Peter Reinhart is still watching our adventures… 😉