Some women might wonder if a college town in the middle of Kansas will have fancy shoe stores, trendy clothing or jewelry.   I am a lot more concerned with fresh produce, seafood, and unique flours.    After our recent visit to “the other Manhattan”, something tells me we’ll be just fine!  After all, as my friend Adele so cleverly stated:

“Happiness is a well stocked grocery store”  😉

Whole crabs, stone crab claws….   CHECK!

Steelhead trout,  Alaskan cod?   CHECK!

Ultra-marbled rib eye steaks?  Premium beef?  CHECK!

Veal for ossobuco?  CHECK!

Beef bones for stock?  CHECK!

Cheeses?   CHECK!

We’ll be able to make our own peanut or almond butter…

Tomatoes of all shapes and colors are waiting for us…

Special flours and grains sold in bulk, I can buy just what I need for that very special loaf of bread!

A market with every kind of Oriental noodles known to mankind!

Olives in bulk, including some type of green olives I’d never seen before…

Red Velvet apricots… not sure how good they are, but I love the name and their beautiful color…

Passion fruit, guava, and other exotic fruits. Not politically correct if you are into the local food movement, but… a food blogger’s  dream!

Is there a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow?   I think so! 😉

Dandelion greens?  Not sure what to do with you yet, but…it’s so nice to meet you!  😉

And the icing on the cake: our future home is just 15 minutes away from this spectacular view, right at the outskirts of  the Konza Prairie!
We are ready for this adventure!

ONE YEAR AGO: Majestic Sedona

TWO YEARS AGO: Watermelon-Induced Daze (we miss you, Pits…)

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