366 DAYS

Today it’s been one full year since a bright star left us. I’ve lived long enough to witness plenty of unfairness in life, plenty of horrible things happening to wonderful people. But your story was particularly sad and tough and difficult to witness. Little things pop up in my mind. The way you moved your head to get that incredibly beautiful hair out of the way as you worked on your bench right there by mine. You walking around the lab with headphones singing (probably a bit louder than you imagined) those beautiful songs you were soon going to perform on stage. Your laughter that involved your whole body. Not very many people laugh like that. I think about you a lot, and I think about your Mom and Dad a lot too. I am not sure how a parent survives the loss of a child. I hope they find some comfort in knowing you’ve touched the lives of many.

Dr. Aritri Majumdar, December 2018

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