This is what was left of a beautiful, shiny calendar that came with my new exercise program from Jessica Smith.

Said calendar was sitting over the kitchen counter top.

Bogey Quit That was unsupervised for five minutes. Six minutes tops.

I wasn’t thrilled. Had a little heart to heartΒ with the big boy.


Do you agree with my assessment, or should I hope for the best?

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  1. *hmmm!* The Mom and naughty boy talk did not come up on my computer . . . . would the simple word ‘no’ in a sudden tone be simpler and more effective: perchance ‘quit’ is too difficult a verb . . . .[giggles] . . . . and, I guess some interesting things just have to be put well beyond his young Lordship’s reach ?


  2. What a difficult situation. Reintegration to a new family is a real process. As near as we know, we are Blitz’ 4th family and home and she is only about 2 years old maybe not quite. She really is pretty well balanced but has a good freak out when we have to leave her alone in her kennel. Lots of destroyed beds and crate mats. Yesterday I noticed she is now bending the bars quite successfully. We don’t yet have the courage to leave her alone and unconfined. We have done our best to create lots of structure and predictability for her. 4 mile walks every morning keeping her at heel all but about 1/4 mile where she is allowed to set her own pace and snoop on the roadside (still on leash, of course), meal times at the same time each day with her sitting outside of the laundry room while we fill her bowl and not going to her bowl until she gets the free command. I am enrolling her in a basic obedience class though she does well with sit and stay I want more experiences and structure in a strange environment for her and more experiences with me as a leader she can count on and trust. You are both good dog owners and judging from your cake experiences have a level of patience that I will never achieve! Necessary ingredients to get Bogie through whatever he is struggling with.


    • I think overall this is the way he’s always been – in his previous forever home, all wastebaskets had to be removed from bathrooms, because he would go in and drag paper all over the house. He was referred to as “the fastest mouth in the west” with good reason. So I don’t think it means he is struggling with something – I think he is quite adjusted to our routine now, but he is stubborn. He simply will not give up from going on top of the kitchen island to “investigate” – he tries to do it when we have our backs turned, but he won’t even wait to be alone in the kitchen. He goes for it πŸ˜‰


      • Have you tried coke cans with pennies to scare him when he gets on thcounter–particularly if they might fall to the floor.
        If you see him do it, a squirt with a water bottle?
        Make a mine field for him


    • Oh, so true! I actually ended up writing Jessica Smith (the exercise instructor) to see if there was a way to get a replacement calendar, and we ended up exchanging a few emails – she also has a dog that let’s say “creates problems” on a regular basis…

      yeah, Bogey ate my fitness planner


  3. Let me give you some alternative facts. Bogey didn’t do that. There was an intruder when you weren’t there who ripped that apart and left it for Bogey to take the blame.


  4. Too bad, somewhere along the line when he first committed his first sin, someone missed the opportunity to stop the behavior…maybe mom and dad got a good laugh or the family kids thought it was cute, so he did it again. Maybe a consultation with an animal trainer may be in order to save some stressful times with him. If he does not already know the command, “leave it” I suggest you look up how to train for that command and work on it with him. It is a miracle command and one of the first I train my dogs. I can give her that command for something, point to the object, and leave the room. She will not touch the item, she will look but never go for it.
    You can also look online for the training. I am a firm believer in training with treats. It sets in their minds faster. Bogie will be a much better dog and a safer one too. Removing objects from a dogs tummy that should not be in there is not a happy event. Good luck.
    If you have a good neighbor who has a dog trained to “leave it” maybe they could give you a hand. Good Luck.


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