A certain food blog will soon turn 6 years old.  The occasion calls for cake. After weeks of struggle, I settled on a recipe, and going over that hurdle brought a little peace into our home.  Friday night we were having dinner out and Phil asked me if I was ready to bake “the cake.” He asked me to repeat my answer on camera, and since I am fearless,  that’s what I did. 

He sent me the file by email with the subject: Famous Last Words…  HA! We shall see….


    • I think reality unfortunately proved you wrong on this one… if it wasn’t for Phil there would be no cake this year for the Bewitching. Well, at least not this cake. I would probably have to find very quickly a very simple recipe – like Grab a Sara Lee pound cake from the freezer section of your grocery store, stick a candle on top. Smile a lot. Celebrate. Be merry! 😉


    • drama queen had a peak performance a couple of hours ago. Husband saved the day, month, year. He is amazing. I need therapy, a full body massage, and scented candles. In any order the universe wants to provide them to me.


  1. Sally, it’s the thinking about it that makes it seem so all-consuming, nerve wracking, but it’s easy, allow me to share a few tips. After all, I baked and decorated 277 cupcakes for my daughter’s wedding. I learned the hard way. I’m here to save the day and give you some aid and insights:

    Turn your oven to about 250 degrees, allow it to fully heat to this temp.

    Line a small baking sheet with parchment paper.

    Grab a pair of scissors.

    Open up the Sara Lee pound cake box, and using the scissors, cut away the cellophane.

    Place cake atop parchment lined baking sheet and pop it into the oven, heating to desired warmth.

    Turn the oven to the OFF position.

    (Use those long, thin tapered candles, or the sparkling glittered ones for added affect.)

    Oh, and block Phil from your blog for a few days.


    • I printed out your instructions, finally someone who speaks closely to my heart! Thank you thank you thank you, I think I can pull the cellophane trick. Cannot be harder than what I’ve been through yesterday (sigh)

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    • I am not sure I will divulge the whole fiasco, I think I might have to leave one small bit of drama out of it. The cake tasted great, so that’s good, lab meeting was super sweet this morning and now the rest of the folks at the department are going at it 😉


  2. ❤️ love the clip 🙂 and your lovely voice. Now, aren’t you the bread baking lady? Paleeze, you’ve got this!! 6 years Sally…. incroyable.


      • it’s not the way I hear you in my head either (I read you with an American voice) but not only is your accent beautiful, it’s also unique and distinctively you. That’s why I love it.


  3. There is a ton of psycho-social research showing that people who appear to be perfect are generally rated less likeable in controlled studies. So, do you want a perfect cake or do you want us to like you? If that cake turns out perfect as we all suspect it will, you better find some slip up to tell us about — you know what I mean?

    The accent! Don’t you know we Americans find that charming?! You know that I have been your observer long enough to remember when you didn’t understand our idioms and were still insecure with English. Look at you know — throwing those expressions around like crazy and writing with perfect grammar and clarity. You know what, maybe I have to like you a little less for all that perfection!


    • WHat a nice comment! thank you…. no doubt I improved on my ENglish writing, after so many years, th boo-boos I make with the language are irritating to me, but I now just laugh – and Phil does too…

      now, as to what I would like – perfect cake? Not really. I would like to make ONE special cake that I could say “I had no trouble with it, everything went well, no stress, no drama”. Maybe next year? 😉


  4. Accent! Which accent!! You speak absolutely beautifully and I fail to hear any such – now you come from South America and I from NE Europe – honest injun’ we speak English very much in the same way!! . . . have promised friends to turn up next year or so in the US . . .for the first time including quite a few ‘central ‘states – oh boy, will I be understood with my Euro-Australian way of speaking at all . . . 😀 !!


    • there you go, sisters in accent. Or lack of it… Not sure it happens to you, though, but when I meet someone for the first time, it never fails – I open my mouth to say one sentence and the question comes “where are you from?” or “I detect a little accent, where are you from?”



  5. Australia in 2015 is the most multicultural country in the world: over 50% of us have at least one parent born overseas and over 25% were thus born themselves. Large percentage of Asians and Middle-Easterners and increasing African population from all over. It may happen to some of them [many actually speaking very beautiful ‘English’ English!] but it has not to me for decades!!


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